Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day out with the Love one ♥

It's September! Yes, I'm so happy! ♥ ♥
shouting: Hype hype hoo-ray~ キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!
As my previous post had mentioned, I'm now on sem-break mode! 만세!

So today, the boyf and me planned to go for BookFest @ KLCC!
Actually I didn't know there's having a book fair until I saw someone's tweet...
Ze 2010 BookFest is starting from 4th Sept until 12 Sept only! So let's go!

I woke up pretty early to get everything prepared, 8am something started to take shower, doll-up and hair curling but still phailed to do puffy curls! :'( Then, off to Segambut KTM at 1pm plus, urghhh we were late! (supposed to off at 12pm)
:// Oh sorry baby boy, didn't manage to go out on time, it was my fault, wasted time to do my curls!

Make-up checked! ♥
Spot my falsies: KOJI TAKAKO no.08

Outfit of the day ♥
Top - Blue/White Plaid Shirt (similar with boyf's one)
OMG I'm so fat!!! Imma diet hard *sobs*

The boyf ♥

Let the pixies do talking..
Camwhore time while waiting the train :)
and spot on our couples top!

Note:// we had been waiting soooo long for the KTM, darn! I'm super duper ultra max impatient and don't likey to wait, seriously! No more KTM next time! you sux, darn mad and curse on your services! You know what, we waited until the skies dumping heavily, w.t.heck's going on... totally spoiled my mood!!!
FYI:// LRT is much more better + efficient than KTM, thumbs up!
don't know why there were so many people on Wed, especially Malays! "balik kampung"? Well, here to greet everyone and the Malays "Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri" Enjoy your Raya! :)

OMG this was taken by boyf on the LRT, I look really sucks! FMS

Boyf so 'geng'! Snap me without my attention, lol :D

Arrived KLCC within 10 minutes :) then headed to a random shop which selling girl's stuffs to buy some eyeliner brush and a bow-knot hairband. Rossete is ♥. After that, we off to ze BookFest @ Convention Centre KLCC (Hall 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5). You can get lotsa of best collections books from various publishers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia over there! Somemore, they're giving out discounts which you can get cheaper price compared to other bookstores :)

All you have to do is buy a tix before enter the books exhibition. RM2/per day only(get a free BookFest catalogue) :) you might get some free gifts with the catalogue booklet!

Doraemon DVDs, my fav cartoon movies :)

We left the exhibition at 6pm something, both of us were really hungry, it's time to fill up our stomach! *winks* So we decided to have McD as our dinner before 'buka puasa' hour to prevent the pack! "ba da ba ba ba~ I'm lovin' it! "
:// Oppss, my diet plan phailed again! :'( After nom nom, we walked around in KLCC to digest fats! lol

Then saw a Hello Kitty counter in Isetan(If I'm not wrong) I bet Hello Kitty fans/lovers would love it!!

Oh my chioness, it's Hello Kitty ♥ ♥ I can't resist the chioness of it!! I want it all!! 

Spot the Hello Kitty cosmetic bags, superb chio!! ♥ 

Of course not forget to take pixies with the boyf :) Hey people, do you know that Sasa cosmetic shop in KLCC zap lap(closed down) already? cuz I saw G2000 is doing renovation at the shop-lot(it was Sasa previously) . So I asked the information counter officer, they said KLCC no more Sasa already! :*( Why?

Yea, I know I'm fat! still trying hard to diet! :'(

Pixies of the couples ♥ ♥
I hate my teeth, my teeth not nice! I feel like wanna put on braces! :'(

Boyf is acting cool ♥ ♥

Captured by me! Yea, I think I'm Pro! lol

Everytime I come to KLCC, Kinokuniya is a must to visit! :) I love to read book! *ehem* not book! is magazines. LOL whatever! Kinokuniya is the best bookstore as you can get lotsa books or even magazines(especially those imported Japanese magazines) that rarely/hardly can get in other bookstores! You can order whatever books you want from them too! It's so convenient cuz you can check out new books/magazines you want & see whether they are available in the bookstore via their official website at Kinokuniya BookWeb(Malaysia)!

I love to wander around in bookstores!!(eventhough just looking around. LOL) I personally prefer magazines more than books! Opps! :) but I love to see the chio/kawaii designs on the book coverpage, this would really attracts me to pay a look at it! Sometimes reading a book is not only to gain knowledge but also to get some inspirations for blogging! It really does help! :)

Taadaa~ here's the October Popteen issue! Popteen is-a-must-buy magazine for me!♥ I love to see the cawaii models!!! Popteen October's coverpage model is 松崗里枝, honestly I don't really likey her! Wondering why the senior Popteen models didn't/never turn up for the coverpage? e.g: Misaki Izuoka(出岡美咲) & Son Wei(孫暐)! It's so unfair to the them, don't you think so!? I hate Kumikki/Kumicky a.k.a Kumiko Funayama(舟山久美子) for being as coverpage model for 9999999.999999 times like I-don't-even-remember how many times already! I'm totally fed up of her face, seriously. Kumikki she's cawaii, cute, she's quite popular among youngsters in Japan! Yea I used to like a lot but this's too over! I can't accept this 我接受唔到囉!我好嬲啊!I never see Misaki as the coverpage model even just once since she modeling for Popteen until now! Misaki & Son Wei are getting so pretty and skinny recently, I love them!♥ ♥ (Okay, stop it! I know I'm getting off topic. LOL)

Spotted this Love xxxxx(I can't read in Japanese! -.-) camera in the Japanese department! How cute isn't it! It cost 118.30 bucks only! Oh-my-goodness, I'm going to get this soon! If not, I'm going to regret for not getting such a chioness camera! (hint:// hope someone buy it for me and I would be more happy! LOL)

Self-camwhore before going back home! :) It's a must for blogger! #bloggerhabits

View inside of KLCC
That's all for today! Tata~♥

will be updating more soon, stay tuned! :)


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Anonymous said...

Hello ! Can I know how much is the Popteen Magazine in RM ? Really interested in buying it but just don't know how much it is :(
Thank you :)

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

Oh sorry I've forgotten, but it's not more than RM20 for sure :) you might check it out at Kinokuniya KLCC!