Monday, September 6, 2010

Bukit Tinggi one-day trip ♥

Hi, I didn't update my blog for long time already, well I did camwhored lotsa pix but I didn't upload any of them, lol FMS :) and I accident-ly found some pix in photo album which allows me to blog here! hehe
Boyf and me ♥ both are wearing WHITE color!!!
PS:// Ignore my bangs. it's mad long & fugly.

I remember that day was 8th August 2010, a beautiful Sunday. I didn't went to church!(Oh God, forgive me!) Because I went to Bukit Tinggi with boyf, his mom, lil younger sis and lil cousie. We off pretty late that day, about 1pm plus if I'm not wrong? Can't really recal! lol Oppps! Nevermind, just let's the photos do talking :)
Snapped boyf's face, so cute!! ♥

me with ze fugly-fied hamster face! lol
Spot what is it inside my mouth!?

It's watermelon!
Having watermelon in the hot season would keep us cool down! :D

Reached Bukit Tinggi at 2pm, everyone were so hungry and craving for food then we had our lunch at a random restaurant! After filling our stomach, we headed to a Durians Garden, 5mins arriving by car!

Nice view in Bukit Tinggi :)

Guess what tree are they?
Zoom in: yea, it's Durian Trees! I love Durians
Durians really smell so good! Wondering is there any fragrances made by Durians? lol
I hate Durians Garden because the place got lotsa mosquitoes, darn!! So boyf borrowed the motorbike from his uncle, he said would give me a ride! I was so happy!♥ See, baby is "warming-up" the bike! This was my ever first time to see my boy rides on a bike. Guess what, don't know what's the problem with the bike or boyf's riding skill, the bike keeps "dead fire" which makes me keep laughing non-stop, and people around was looking at us! How embarrassing were we! Boyf said he's not good riding on slope, he prefers on flat land!

Spot on my fatty fleshy hairy thigh!
Wondering why did I get hurt? Should blame the boyf! Because he drove so fast and drove so near to the bushes, then my thigh got hurt by those Idk-what-calling-plant with sharp thorns! :'(
Then we left at 5pm something... Actually we went there purposely just wanted to get some Durians, unfortunately we didn't found any dropped Durians. *went home with big sighs*

Fyi, I'm a big fan of Durians  teehee! 

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