Thursday, September 9, 2010


Thursday is boring, ain't going anywhere today! :( no one ask me out, boyf is having class today... So, sis and me accompanied mom for body-check! Mom should feeling proud of having such a good baby girls/daughters isn't she? lol :)

Wondering why I look so different? yea, I did curling on my hair :) I love loose hair curls!♥ so how was it huh? I'm still trying to learn how to do a better curls! About the hair, I twisted my bangs and pin it! It looks more neat and looking sweet! Got this idea from Scawaii magazine and Jane! I love it, it's easy to do and it's also suitable for people who have high-forehead too! This would makes your face looks longer and less-chubby! *winks* Try this! :D

Cam-whore pixies while on the way going to fetch my mom from office! Cam-whore is the best choice to kill idle! lol :)
I think it's time to dye my hair! The last time I dyed my hair was on February 2009 (if I'm not wrong)! I wanna try the new product - Liese Bubble Hair! still in dilemma of which color to dye! Hmmm..

Loose curls makes girls look more kawaii, romantic and sweet :) I guess boyf/guys loves to see their girlfriend in curly hairs? It makes people feel like couldn't resist their hands to touch the hair, it's like you wanted to touch a teddy bear and wanna hug for it forever! lol

Benefits of this hairstyle:
1. catch your boyf's heart ♥ ♥
2. prevent pimples to "visit" to your forehead! :)
3. looking neat, nice, kawaii, romantic and sweet! ('-^*)/

I realized self-camwhore under the sunlight would makes you looking good like you're having flawless skin, it's true! :) So you don't have to photoshop it! Save time and looking pretty! plus sunlight provided us Vitamin-D. Therefore, sunlight is good! :)

Trying not-to-smile when camwhoring makes my face look slimmer? cool? :D

Wondering why I don't have nice figure like Angelababy's? God is so unfair to me! *sobs*

Do I look mature in this pic? Yayyy I'm officially 19-teen this year! :)

I hate my baby face! *sobs* :'(

Dolly Winks? lol :// I wanna try Tsubasa's Dolly Winks! ♥ ♥

Falsies of the day ♥

Spot the Colorful Bracelet, boyf have the same one in diff color!

wondering why do I look so different than usual?

Learn to smile more and you'll feel good :)

epic of myself! :D

PEACE sign! ♥ ♥

Smile --- Lucy teeth better or without teeth? :目

Swagger-look? feel like wanna punch on myself! lol

Stop looking at my nose okay! XD

Yes, I'm having chubby-face! so what?

Zoom-in: wanna pinch me?

I'm good at cock-eyed! my fav pose ever! ♥]

and also hamster-style mouth! ♥ ♥

Okay, act normal!

Showing-off my superb chio pinkish bags! ♥

From down to up: see my flower-hon head!

I wanna do Rhinoplasty!! *sobs*

Pix of us - my lil sis :)

Many people said we don't look like sisters.
What do you think? :D

I love my MCKY shoes!

whose heart is here!?? XD

Guess where am I? :D

Corridor in the hospital! look so horror like those in ghost movie isn't it?
--- GROSS ---

Did you see someone behind us?

Us again! Spot me! :D

As a blogger, we must cam-whore as many as we can! haha

haha... me again! Such a narcissism!



Jin Bao said...

Woah!~ Baby Girlf, this article have a lot photos,look so Kawaii ne! I love you>3♥ ♥

Jin Bao said...

Woah!~ Baby Girlf ♥ This articles have a lot photos, so kawaii ne! I like this so much>3 ♥ ♥