Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Say hi to my lil notebook ♥

Yeahs, I just got my FREE lil notebook from the HP delivery @15:49, so happy! Can't wait to open it right now! :D you know what! I've waited it for more than 3 weeks already!

Well, I'm going to check it out right now!
I'll be blogging about it later, stay tuned!!!!

------ ♥------ ♥------ ♥--- UPDATED!!! --- ♥------ ♥------ ♥------


So, here's my lil notebook! *taadaa*
I called it as my lil babyblack ♥
Wondering how do I get it FREE? :)

It's so easy! I just applied for Unipack from streamyx weeks ago, the package comes with FREE HP notebook. Yes, it's FREE!!! You don't have to pay any extra fees for it! But Unipack is specially offers to college students only!

So what you're waiting for? Hurry go register and get it free while stock lasts! Cuz my friends told me the FREE notebook got limit one.

Monday, September 20, 2010


上星期教會的人數真是少得不得了 因為其他人都去retreat了喔

學院放假三星期 覺得生活愈來愈墮落了
人也開始愈來愈懶了 做事好沒效率 總是給予自己藉口 囧
假期過了兩個星期 下星期就要回去學院生活了 啊我不要 我還要墮落下去
感覺時間過好快 好多事情都好沒完成 幹 是怎樣啦 好討厭
話說明天就會得到我的電腦筆記本了 噢耶 終於肯送來了喔 齁 讓我久等了
還有 我的nuffnang支票甚麼時候才來啊 我要錢 我要當購物狂 要殺品
好啦 我也不曉得該說啥了
就這樣 要去做臉敷面膜變水水了喔 掰

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thai Nom Nom Kap ♥

Hey peeps, savadhika! :D

I just reached home and straight away online to update my blog! See, how efficient am I! lol Well, I just had my dinner with family at Restaurant Yee Wen Tom Yam Thai Foods @Kepong Baru! yea, the food is superb delicious, I ate sooo much! (OMG! my diet plan phailed again!) I'm so fulled right now! Let me introduce you the Thai restaurant now! :)
So this's the signboard of the restaurant! :) Interested?
This restaurant is located at :

Lot 01-3818, Jalan Helang Merah,
Kepong Baru Industrial Estate, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact number (H/P) : 016-625 2018 / 016-272 8223

Although the environment is not so outstanding, but it's quite okay! I mean this's not like those dirty one that makes you don't dare to step in and feel like vomitting! lol Well, the point is not on the deco of the restaurant okay, is the food! The food is the main character, Thai food is super duper yummy! *drooling* You gotta try this! :)
Yea, I love Thai food!!! especially hot, spicy and sour - Tom Yam!
you know what? Thai food is too yummuy so for those who's on diet you might want to control your eating! :D For me, I'm totally phailed today! :*( I just can't resists good food, whoever dare to resist is considered as a sinner! LOL Being not to eat good foods is a big evil to myself! diet can always starts tomorrow! LMAO

Had sushi before the Thai foods being served! :)

We were just 6 persons only! But mommy ordered for 7 dishes. WOAHS! :D
(Daddy, mommy, lil sis, mommy's friend, moi & of course my lil boyf! ♥ )

# Dish 1 - Telor Goreng Udang $ 8.00 MYR

# Dish 2 - Paku Baracan $ 8.00 MYR

# Dish 3 - Patai Sambal Ayam $ 12.00 MYR

# Rice bowl - looks cute isn't it? :D

# Thai White Rice - $ 7.20 MYR

# Dish 4 - Fish Cake $12.00 MYR

# Dish 5 - Kerabu Meogo Cinkap $ 28.00 MYR

Guess what is this? :)

#Dish 6 - yea, it's Tomyam Soup! (free)

Dish 7 - Sayu Sayu Goreng Tepu $ 12.00 MYR

Woahs!!! I'm drooling while blogging this. LOL
Conclusion, the price is really cheap, like seriously! and we got extra 20% discount too! I was wondering why got discount one!? Anyway, feel so satisfied & enjoyed the food, am so happy!!! :D 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mad Tiring

Yea, I'm so tired! but still manage to blog something :)
Well, I was so busy all the day to clean up my messy room and everything.

I just realized that I have so many of clothes, toys, stuffs & etc.
I hate to clean/arrange... too many of them, seriously like tons of it. I'm just lazy! LOL
Actually I wanted to donate some of the clothes(wearable one of course) to the orphanage home. Raise yourself to help mankind!

Didn't really have time to meet the boyf today, I miss you so much 
I bet you might also feeling tired for washing & polishing car this whole afternoon?
Rest more, I'll be seeing you on tomorrow! chu~

Never Knew What I Want

堅持 還是堅持
靠自己最好 不需要看別人的臉色當
人就是那樣犯賤 就是愛唱反調
我行我素我最愛 你管的了嗎
我就是這樣 天馬行空不一樣的水瓶座
我很榮幸 因為我不是楊千華的可惜我是水瓶座
最近面對著FBMSP 整個心情很低潮很糟糕
我很不開心 我很嬲 嗚嗚 哭~
這樣的一個暑假就被搞砸了 我寧願去上課

討厭 幹!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movie Day with boyf ♥

Wednesday is movie day! ♥ ♥ 

Yesterday baby boy dated me to One U cuz he has bought PCK movie tickets, thank you baby! chu~ I love Puah Chu Kang and Rosie! I used to watch all the series dramas of Phua Chu Kang on ntv7 last time! I like to see him acting funny like an ah beng & I like the way he talks in Singlish-slang! lol
Otw going to 1 Utama...
Opps, sorry! I look so fugly :'(

I look super duper fugly the whole day cuz didn't manage to curls my hair! *sobs* :'(

and I'm getting so chubby during this sem-break! FMS :'(

We arrived at 1U at 12pm something. After got our tickets at the redemption counter, had a walk first since the movie starts at 1.45pm.

Yayy, I feel like never going out for shopping for ages already, seriously like almost half-year? Usually I do shopping via online cuz it's so convenient and their price is a lot cheaper than the mall's one. I bet everyone loves shopping, especially the ladies isn't it? I wish I'm a shopaholic! :D (only if I am financial freedom?)

Bought a large popcorn and Ice Lemon Tea before we entered the cinema! I love corn! ♥ After got to our seats then start eating popcorn while waiting for ze movie starts! I was so excited to watch movie with boyf, I enjoyed the time we spent together! I love to stick with him, he makes me feel so warm. I love you! *blush*

Finally, the movie starts playing...
while watching I started feeling weird cuz I saw an ang-moh(Caucasian) guy at the beginning! I looked at boyf and asked him whether he bought the wrong tix or we entered the wrong cinema room -.- Suddenly the screen shown up - Cats and Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore! Boyf and I was like "omg" so speechless, he didn't even remember what movie he had booked and we didn't checked the movie tickets when we redeemed it! lol Oh it's okay, nevermind! This's also one of my must-watch-movies-list. As long as I'm watching with you  hehe

Luckily we did enjoy the movie!
After that, we continue to walk and shopping again! :D I got myself a pants! I've been looking the pants for so long already cuz it's so hard to find the design and color I like plus it's so cheap! So yea, I'm so happy! *happygirlface* :// Btw, I'm going to get some nice 70's oversized denim shirt and a tall trousers!

Camwhore while waiting for foods being served! :)
I look sucks! please just ignore my fugly face!

Happy! Ricebox bento ♥ *slurrp*

V-soy is Love ♥ ♥

Then, we headed to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks to have our dinner! As usual, ordered 2 set of Happy! Ricebox bento, also comes with Soy Bean ♥ my fav - XXL Fried Chicken! *drooling* Don't know why everytime I eat this bento, I feel so happiness! No wonder the bento named as Happy!Ricebox bento :D I love to eat this bento with my boyf, feel more sweet and happiness♥♥  their Fried Chicken and Soy Bean is so good!!! I always think that having meal with the love one will makes whatever you eat taste delicious! LOL Do you agree with me? *winks*

I really enjoyed the whole day because you're with me! You really made my day and I feel so happy. I love dating with you because it's just two of us.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So Sick

不好意思 這幾天都沒在更新網誌 (´・ω・`)
原因是皮膚敏感了 大概是出風末吧 這次是第二次了 囧
那天還碰巧要出席喜酒 唉~真是衰

這次是去了FRIM玩瀑布回來就這樣了 幹 是怎樣啦
雙腳的皮膚又出現上次一樣的徵兆 紅腫和搔癢
沒辦法 就去醫院打了支針(這次打屁股 汗)和吃藥擦藥
針打在屁股還真是痛 害我還以為是打手臂呢
護士說打手臂隔天會紅腫 所以打屁股最好

醫生開的西藥效果還真是快 服了後會整個人好睏沒力軟掉就想睡覺
所以我現在整個人都昏昏迷迷的 也不曉得自己在幹嘛的
根本無法集中100%精神 受不了
但還是忍著爬上來更新一篇文章 我很專業吧
整個人都快定不順了 討厭!

好啦 就這樣
我好睏 又要睡了 掰
別想我喔 哈哈

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yumcha Session

It's been long time never having yumcha session already since I started my college life! :) so I texted to my primary school best-friend, Michelle asked her for yumcha! Long time never meet her since 6th of January(yes I still remember!), that time I used to be her nails model.  LOL

This time is gonna be different cuz she is bringing along her boyfriend, Danny. so am I! Could you believe that Michelle, my boyfriend and me were classmates since primary school? Time passes too fast, everyone has grown up, and the most awesome thing is, we're still keeping in touch! :D
Pix of 3 classmates knew since primary school
from left : Michelle, moi & ze boyf! :D

Okay, so we had our night-time yumcha session(8.30pm) at Old Town White Coffee @Menjalara. I chose that place cuz the environment at night seems very comfortable, nice night view and of course it's affordable and suitable to chill with friends! Most of the Old Town coffee shops provide Wi-fi, so you can bring along you lappie online via their Wi-fi hotspots all the time until the wee hours, lol. I thought it would be so packed that day, but it was totally out of my expectation. I meant not many people, good lah! :) maybe due to the Hari Raya season? Since everyone is hungry, so four of us(2 couples) had our dinner there!
picture got from google.com :)

As usual, I ordered the Ice Enriched Chocolate & Nasi Lemak Special :// actually nothing special about the nasi lemak, but don't know why their nasi lemak tastes so differently. I love their sambal(chilly paste) :D Of course it's not good as the nasi lemak you can eat at various nasi lemak street stalls. What I meant is the nasi lemak is not very hot for me, acceptable!

So four of us been chatting lotsa craps while having ze dinner! :) Afterwards, we headed to Desa Park City for a walk or can say to digest the fats. LOL since Michelle and her boyf never been to DPC, so why not have a visit together! :) Desa Park City is actually a beautiful freehold residences surrounding with nice views environmental and some good facilities(playground, 6-acre park, swimming pool, wading pool, 24-hour security and etc). I believe many people especially couples would go there for a simple dating! LOL you can have a walk along the wading pool, it's kinda romantic for couples :) Yes, this's true!
Can you see the signboard of Desa Park City? :)

Nightview from the lakeside :)

Along the pathway..

Suitable for walk-after-dinner, especially couples! ♥ ♥

You might get to see turtles in the lake!

The artificial-river!

The couples - Michelle & Danny! ♥ ♥

and here's me and the boyf! ♥ ♥ - Our scary pixies!
note:// get ready before you view our pix! haha
Look, both of us look so scary, aren't we? haha
Boyf's face look so pale/white due to the BB cream! #EdwardtheVampirewannabe lol

After DPC, we headed to Damansara McDonalds for 2nd round yumcha session! lol yea, we got too much things to chat :D Gossip is the best thing to kill time!!!

All right, that's all for this post! Till then :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Picnic Day ♥

Woahs, Picnic Day! feel so excited yayyy! ♥
Yea it's like never having picnic for don't know how long time already, couldn't recall when was the last picnic? Wondering do I have picnic before? Perhaps no? lol
So, this time I'm going to have picnic with baby boy and his family! :) *winks*

So as usual I set my mobile alarm at 8am to wake me up early for getting everything prepared. You know, I'm a person who like to "moh"(摸=慢慢來) this moh that, doing things like taking forever time. haha! Girls always like this, #girlsbeinggirls do you agree? :D So after done everything, boyf came to fetch me, so here we off to FRIM(Forest Research Institute Malaysia) about 12pm plus plus. FRIM is one of Malaysia's oldest tropical flora and fauna with good facilities for nature lovers and outdoor activities which located along the Selayang-Kepong Highway :)
FRIM gives opportunity to visitor to learn much further of forest and at the same time relaxing in environment that does not polluted. FRIM is a popular spot for picnickers, joggers, cyclers, tourists and nature study groups, for family day events, treasure hunts, camping, birdwatching, jungle trekking and as well as nature photography.

Places of attractions :
Nature trails
Canopy Walk
Traditional building
Nature Education Centre

The operating hours of the park is from 8:00am to 6:00pm daily. However, take note that the canopy walkway operating hours is from 9:30am to 2:30pm. If you are driving, the entrance fee to the park is RM5/car else the fee charged is RM1/person.

For further information, please contact :
Forest Research Institute Malaysia

52109 Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel : +603 6279 7000

Okay, let's continue to the my picnic post :D
with light-make up on :)

So, we arrived at FRIM within 15 minutes only! hehe cuz I'm staying at Kepong, it's quite near to my place  that's why so fast to get there! Somemore, I know short-cut! *thumbs up for myself*

Then, brought along food and stuffs and find a shading place to put down our things and began our picnic :) Boyf's mom had prepared the food, thank you very much!♥ The nom nom is so yummy, seriously! Guess what, I ate 3 plates of fried beehun. LOL (≧▽≦)

Spot the cat! :)

After filling up our stomach, it's time to visit the "big fishes" a.k.a Arapaima gigas(scientific name) or Dragonfish/pirarucu(vernacular name), but I called it as Piranha! lol cuz the fish size is like super duper ultra max big & huge! Try to imagine if I drop into the water? What'll happen? I think I might swallowed by the big fish! Seriously, no play play okay! omg I don't even dare to imagine now...

Aww... boyf's innocent face! chu~

What's next? yea, it's time to play water! Let's go to the waterfall! ♥ ♥

... and we saw a monkey otw to the waterfall!!! haha

As you can see from the pix, people and kids enjoyed playing water :)
The mini-waterfall :D LOL



I look so fat here just like being pregnant! -.- *sobs out loud + big sighs*

Boyf looks like macam 'YES'? haha


us 2
our legs

The water is so clear and cold!

you can lie on the rocks and look up to the sky!
Feel the Nature! ♥ ♥

Then we left at 3pm plus due to the sky is getting dark, it seems it's gonna rain soon... Once again, I really enjoyed myself with ze boyf and his family! 

♥ Spending time together with family is the most precious moment! XOXO