Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday 53th Malaysia! ♥

Hey people! Just a short update here, purposely blog on Merdeka Eve! sorry for not updating this period due to my final exam..
um' promise will blog after my final :) so going anywhere for countdown? For me, staying at home with boyf is the best! Stay away from the crowded :D

and not forget to says :
my dad was born in 1957, same age as Malaysia :D

There's something happened recently... issue about the politics, racism, religion.. lotsa of issues as you can see in facebook. People shared aloads about racism topics, videos and so on. Yes, for some reasons I'm angry with it and I don't understand why!

In case you don't know? Recently, a Malaysian famous rapper and controversial writer, Wee Meng Chi or better known as Namewee had makes a music video titled 'Nah!' was seriously concerned by whole Malaysia and the vid was purposely against the racism, refer to a schoolmistress in Johor who openly told her Chinese students go back to the China and she said that prayer strings of Indian students tied around their necks and wrists were similar to dog leashes.

Oh my god, I was so shocked how could she as a headmaster give such a speech openly like this during the celebration Merdeka in school?

I don't hope to see there's races against races, we're together as one as the slogan 1 Malaysia isn't it? Although there's so many issues happened recently, but satire and against each other doesn't seems help but it just making it to another issue.

It wouldn't be Malaysia anymore if there's only Malays or Chinese either Indians isn't it?

To be frank, Malaysia is really a nice country. In Malaysia, we don't have any disasters like earthquakes, storms, wars, famine like other countries... that's why Malaysia is really PEACE! We're really blessed and happiness! Even though sometimes people were complaining about the political, welfare but Malaysia is still the best! It's not easy for multi-races to live together, right? We're being so cool cuz we know muilti-languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Manderin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka and etc... Somemore, Malaysia got lotsa of yummy food like roti-canai, nasi lemak, chow-kuey-teow, asam laksa and many more... *aww that makes me drooling while blogging this* so why not? I'm born in Malaysia, I own a Malaysia Identity Card(Blue) and I'm staying in Malaysia. So as a Malaysian, stay and keep support Malaysia!

I hope Malaysia will be PEACE & LOVE FOREVER!!! I LOVE MALAYSIA, Malaysia Boleh!!! 
So hope everything will be alright :)

People, please stop sharing out those videos, articles and sensitive topics especially related to racism, or else you might be caught by ISA for against the law!

For more informations, read this article.← Click! (in Mandarin)

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