Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love my classmates ♥

Hey guys, see those superb nice colorful cupcakes, looks chio aren't they? Hehe... they were special made by my lovely classmates :) I love you girls
Special thanks to Sarah, Shernize and Sue Wen! Credit to them! *thumb up*

Spot mine! :D

Fyi, below photos are simply taken by webcam :) so cute right! 
Love this pix the most
Well, she's my one of my besties in college, she is CarMen a.k.a WongChoLam's superb fans plus wife, LOL. She's such a superb Korean freaks, like me! We like to talk lotsa craps, feiwahlization, crazy together, act funny like nuts around, etc... she's friendly, and cute too! :D Really had lotsa fun in college, imma enjoy the rest of my college life to the fullest!

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Carmen_xx said...

我接受唔到你写我CarMen a.k.a WongChoLam's superb fans plus wife咯 = =