Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get ready for...

Yes, final exam on week 12! FYI now is week 11 already? OMG 我接受唔到囉 (my recent fav quote♥, lol) I still haven't do my revision yet. Somemore, honestly I don't really understand what have the lectures taught from Chapter 1 until now, so darn seriosly! :'( I don't want resit!! Gonna study hard this few weeks.. Wish me good luck :)
Sorry, lazy to update recently.. will continue blog about Bon Odori :)
So, below pictures were taken at church on last Sunday Worship ♥
#1. Photo taken by babyboy, Idk why I looks so fierce in this pic? due to M perhaps?
#2 Spot at babyboy's teeth, lol
#3 babyboy trying to lick me? No way! :P
Love you, my babyboy >3

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Yumeko♡ said...

Really cute pictures!! :D <3
You guys are so cute together! (:

I wish you Good luck with studding!!^-^