Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Day ♥

FYI today 28th July is Black Day but not Black Friday, you guys must be wondering what is it about isn't it? I just find out this random event at facebook called Wear Black to school! Lets make lecture hall and tutorial class all Black! This's going to be a very special day and just for Malaysian students no matter what college are you in. lol seriously I don't know why and what is the purpose, just for fun? :D Well, I just follow and I wear BLACK STARBUCKS t-shirt today. *winks*

And what, something that makes me really shocked was the canteen... close to 70% of students wear in Black, 20% is white OMG!! I'm 1 of the 70%, cool man! so darn spectacular, you gotta believe this! Can you imagine that everyone is wearing in Black together, like everybody wearing couples T?! lol Totally feel so unbelievable! ♥ even my classmates almost everyone also wear Black color except few of them 'special' ones, boycott them!! *evil laugh*
Oh yea, there'a Blood Donation Campaign in my college, and I'm thinking to take part of it! BUT I'm sooo afraid of needle and PAIN!!! :'( yet I wanna help people!! 助人為快樂之本。Chill, everything will be all right, just let it be :) Don't care... gonna breakthrough!!! I'm going to donate blood on tomorrow, seriously!!

PS:// I've lost 2.3kg recently, woots!! Hwaiting~ more to go!! ♥

Add on :
Forgot to mention, last few weeks... my cat, MilkMilk has just given birth, two lil superb cute kittens, so this is one of them. Cute isn't it? feel like wanna pinch its cheek~ ♥ don't know why my dad loves cat, I love cat, my sis loves cat but my mom doesn't really loves cat! lol

Went to nearby pasar malam with boyf just now, then we saw this NEW little cute thing, look so familiar and it's called as Perfect Egg! 雞蛋冰I saw this in my college few days ago, it's a new launch dessert :) since it's new so I try one, mint flavor ♥ taste is quite okay, but not as good as I expected! but what I was attracted is its design, look so cute that makes me reluctant to eat or not eat! *dilemma* lol

Recently, I had watched Flirting Scholar 2 (唐伯虎點秋香 2) with the boyf :) actually we planned to watch Despicable Me because I wanted to watch it badly, unfortunately tickets had sold out, no choices :'( this movie is normal but funny, well it would be better if no DUB!!
DESPICABLE ME, must watch!!

《人間喜劇》 Anyone watched this already? So how was it? I heard people commented good/bad about it, 50:50?
I just wanna see Handelababy... 王祖藍 's fav quote ‘我接受唔到囉’ hahahaha...

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