Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love my classmates ♥

Hey guys, see those superb nice colorful cupcakes, looks chio aren't they? Hehe... they were special made by my lovely classmates :) I love you girls
Special thanks to Sarah, Shernize and Sue Wen! Credit to them! *thumb up*

Spot mine! :D

Fyi, below photos are simply taken by webcam :) so cute right! 
Love this pix the most
Well, she's my one of my besties in college, she is CarMen a.k.a WongChoLam's superb fans plus wife, LOL. She's such a superb Korean freaks, like me! We like to talk lotsa craps, feiwahlization, crazy together, act funny like nuts around, etc... she's friendly, and cute too! :D Really had lotsa fun in college, imma enjoy the rest of my college life to the fullest!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I gave blood today ♥

Be nice to me.. I gave blood today ♥ ♥

TODAY after class, my friend and I went to donate blood at college hall. This is my ever first time donate blood, feel so darn nervous and excited... I'm officially over 18, so I can donate blood!! YEAHSS!!

Below is the funny conversation between one of my classmates and me in Cantonese :)

me: 喂我要去捐血囉。妳要一齊去冇?
she: 唔得喔,我唔夠歲!
me: 哈哈 因為妳血唔夠成熟,唔夠秤囉!
she: 冇囉,係妳血老!
me: 乜耶~唔係囉,我血啱啱好可以捐囉!哈哈


Okay, back to the topic...
so before headed to college hall, we bought waffles to eat, afraid we might faint during the process...
then the officer weigh our weight, and my weigh is lighter than 2 days before, I lost about 1.5kg, OMG is this real? hope so :D Well, my blood group is A anyone same with mine? *winks*

After bla bla body check up, finally to the climax - DONATE BLOOD TIME!
I was kinda afraid and nervous that time... but when the needle interjected, surprisingly didn't feel any pain, totally out of my expectation!!! LOL I just took about 6-7minutes to fill up a blood packet, it's about 350ml blood :D
I think I really enjoyed throughout the blood donation activity ♥ doesn't pain at all, seriously! but just felt a lil bit blunt during the process of donating blood, I think I might addicted to donate blood!? 所謂助人為快樂之本嘛 :)

Okay, here's some guide for the first time donor :)
♥ What to do before donate blood

1. Eat something before donate blood.
2. Make sure you're in healthy condition.
3. No period - for female only

For more information, please google search it yourself! (・∀・)

Oh yea, I just created a NEW PAGE for myself due to friend requests is fulled! So join if you want to :) Thank you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Day ♥

FYI today 28th July is Black Day but not Black Friday, you guys must be wondering what is it about isn't it? I just find out this random event at facebook called Wear Black to school! Lets make lecture hall and tutorial class all Black! This's going to be a very special day and just for Malaysian students no matter what college are you in. lol seriously I don't know why and what is the purpose, just for fun? :D Well, I just follow and I wear BLACK STARBUCKS t-shirt today. *winks*

And what, something that makes me really shocked was the canteen... close to 70% of students wear in Black, 20% is white OMG!! I'm 1 of the 70%, cool man! so darn spectacular, you gotta believe this! Can you imagine that everyone is wearing in Black together, like everybody wearing couples T?! lol Totally feel so unbelievable! ♥ even my classmates almost everyone also wear Black color except few of them 'special' ones, boycott them!! *evil laugh*
Oh yea, there'a Blood Donation Campaign in my college, and I'm thinking to take part of it! BUT I'm sooo afraid of needle and PAIN!!! :'( yet I wanna help people!! 助人為快樂之本。Chill, everything will be all right, just let it be :) Don't care... gonna breakthrough!!! I'm going to donate blood on tomorrow, seriously!!

PS:// I've lost 2.3kg recently, woots!! Hwaiting~ more to go!! ♥

Add on :
Forgot to mention, last few weeks... my cat, MilkMilk has just given birth, two lil superb cute kittens, so this is one of them. Cute isn't it? feel like wanna pinch its cheek~ ♥ don't know why my dad loves cat, I love cat, my sis loves cat but my mom doesn't really loves cat! lol

Went to nearby pasar malam with boyf just now, then we saw this NEW little cute thing, look so familiar and it's called as Perfect Egg! 雞蛋冰I saw this in my college few days ago, it's a new launch dessert :) since it's new so I try one, mint flavor ♥ taste is quite okay, but not as good as I expected! but what I was attracted is its design, look so cute that makes me reluctant to eat or not eat! *dilemma* lol

Recently, I had watched Flirting Scholar 2 (唐伯虎點秋香 2) with the boyf :) actually we planned to watch Despicable Me because I wanted to watch it badly, unfortunately tickets had sold out, no choices :'( this movie is normal but funny, well it would be better if no DUB!!
DESPICABLE ME, must watch!!

《人間喜劇》 Anyone watched this already? So how was it? I heard people commented good/bad about it, 50:50?
I just wanna see Handelababy... 王祖藍 's fav quote ‘我接受唔到囉’ hahahaha...

Get ready for...

Yes, final exam on week 12! FYI now is week 11 already? OMG 我接受唔到囉 (my recent fav quote♥, lol) I still haven't do my revision yet. Somemore, honestly I don't really understand what have the lectures taught from Chapter 1 until now, so darn seriosly! :'( I don't want resit!! Gonna study hard this few weeks.. Wish me good luck :)
Sorry, lazy to update recently.. will continue blog about Bon Odori :)
So, below pictures were taken at church on last Sunday Worship ♥
#1. Photo taken by babyboy, Idk why I looks so fierce in this pic? due to M perhaps?
#2 Spot at babyboy's teeth, lol
#3 babyboy trying to lick me? No way! :P
Love you, my babyboy >3

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bon Odori (盆踊り) 2010 ♥

Okay, will be blogging about Bon Odori on last Sat soon, stay tuned! ♥

Saturday, July 17, 2010

盆踊り ♥

Hey people, a very good morning :)
So, today's Saturday, any plans for today?

FYI tonight will be having 盆踊り Bon Odori (meaning simply bon dance) at Matsushita Corp Stadium in Shah Alam, Selangor. Anyone going?
Held mainly to expose locals to a part of Japanese culture, the festival provides the experience of a variety of Japanese food & drinks, art and dance.

17:00 Gates Open
19:00 Opening - Drum Performance
19:15 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 1
19:45 Dance by Guest Performers
20:00 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 2
20:30 Dance by Guest Performers
20:45 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 3
21:15 Closing Address

Organizers: The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur
Due to the limited number of parking bays, participants are strongly recommended to utilize the KTM. FREE Shuttle Bus services will be provided to transport participants from KTM Shah Alam Station (section 19) to Kompleks Sukan Negara and vice versa. This free shuttle service is available from 4PM to 11PM.
For inquiries, please call the Japan Club at 603-22742274

# It also states certain rules for people to participate in such as...
NO HIGH-HEELS in the dancing field
Strictly NO SMOKING for designated areas
~ Wear nothing impolite or offensive and also
And, don't forget to bring your camera!!

Well, for sure I'm going for this *winks*
So, see ya tonight! Enjoy, have fun yay!! ♥ о(*>▽<)
What to expect huh? Lotsa sweet superb cawaii girls wearing yukata?
Yes, I'll be wearing yukata too! aww... my very first time to wear yukata! I can't wait for tonight, BO dance!! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 7monthsary ♥ ♥

2010年7月6日 是我和寶貝在一起的滿7個月了♥
真的好開心 雖然這7個月裡頭在一起的時間不長也不短
但倆人在一起相處真的來得不容易 真的
謝謝寶貝在這段日子裡對我的呵護與關照 謝謝你喔
我知道 有時候我的脾氣真的很糟糕 很愛亂發小姐脾氣
很愛胡思亂想些有的沒的 小事化大事都要吵一架
但你依然還是很遷就我 就算是我不對你也會總是向我道歉
我知道錯了啦 我會儘量當你的乖乖女友啦 嘻嘻

嗯好啦 就說說我們倆怎麼慶祝這在一起7個月吧!
其實6號當天是星期二 我們倆都得上課沒時間慶祝
所以就提早在上星期六慶祝了 呵呵

可是後來我臨時改變主意 換去
因為人家突然想吃板面嘛 呵呵
老實說那里真的不錯吃 價錢又合理 所以一定要去吃哦!

As usual, we camwhore around while waiting for food being served :)
#1 哈哈 我的無影手 厲害吧

#2 雙V PEACE! 和平!耶~

#3 招牌動作 鬥雞眼+雙V PEACE!

#4 鬥雞眼+傻鴨仆絲

The environment & atmosphere around is quite comfortable :)

Waited for few minutes, food & drinks arrived!! :D
Okay, mine is Soya Bean, love it!! >3 RM2.50
B ordered Iced Jasmine TeaRM4.80 tastes so sucks!
(no offend cuz I just dislike jasmine flavor, lol)

Pan Mee Ikan Bilis *drooling* RM6.20
I love Pan Mee since I was young *winks*
mommy told me when she was pregnant with me, she always eat pan mee one. No wonder lah! lol
Nothing's gonna stop me for loving Pan Mee!!! XD

Zoom in: looks really yummy isn't it? No, it tastes really good!! You gotta try for it, seriously!! :P

and this is their homemade-chili, superb hawwtt!! taste-so-good!!

" Itadakimasu" :P

BB did COCKEYED! *actually I forced him one! lol* shoo cutee!! ♥

BB actually finished the soup!!! lol

BB says: yummeh!!!  :D *thumbs up somemore*

Interested? Let's go...

Happy Memory 回憶美味
3, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur,
Taman Usahawan Kepong.

After filling up our stomach, we headed to 1 Utama for Toy Story 3D