Tuesday, June 22, 2010

De PASTRY CHEF, Bandar Menjalara ♥

# picture taken by webcam, ignore the low quality :(

Hey, I'm now having spaghetti as dinner at De PASTRY CHEF :) *nom nom*
Sorry for the late update peeps!

Well, let the photos do talking..
# 1 look at their super chio colorful menu :)

# 2 lol, as usual I love to camwhore perhaps out of boredom :)

# 3

# 4 here's my order :
Oglio Olio spaghetti 7.50 MYR
Jasmine Tea 4.50 MYR

# 5 looks super duper yummy rite!? *slurrp* but it's quite oily actually, I think they put too much of olive oil?

#6 I don't like Jasmine Tea actually, cuz the taste so weird!? like the 'a-neh-neh' (indian) taste one, lol

#7 What's that?


# 9

# 10 check out the environment around, I really love their inner design, fulled of World Cup atmosphere, chio!! especially those footballs and tees as decoration, kinda creativity :)

This place is quite comfort for chill, as you can see behind there, you may order some cakes as dessert! I saw there's lotsa cakes as well, looks really yummy and quite interesting looking! *drooling*

As they are providing WiFi, so you can online while having the cakes, not bad thou :) Well, this restaurant is divided into 2 separate sections, indoor and outdoor. For those people who is smoking you may sit at outside. Like now is the FIFA season, people can watch World Cup together, chill, shout, whatever they like!!! :D

PS:// the prices are quite reasonable & affordable! :)

Last, my fav pose - COCKEYED!! lol Like it?

Hehe, feel interesting of this restaurant?

DE PASTRY CHEF (it's Halal)
34, Jalan 3/62D,
Medan Putra Business Center,
Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 603-62754590
You may visit at www.depastrychef.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I ain't a football freaks

Hey everyone, Happy FIFA World Cup 2010 ♥ waka waka eh eh~ LOL
To be frank, I ain't football freaks. but I'm quite excited about it for no reason. XD
I just watched the match England vs. USA just now. result : 1-0 Woahs!!
So which team do you support? I support England. *winks*
I know many people support England too right? Hmm... pity the USA team!!!

Okay I gotta sleep now, feel kinda sleepy...
Good night peeps :) *snoozing*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Semester One

Have no much time to blogging recently, thus I'll be updating soon.
Life has been stressful, especially college's life.
I'm beginning to get used to it.
Gosssh, it's just 3rd week of 1st semester only, beginning of my college's life...
and I already have 5 assignments to go with, darn!!!
gotta die hard for it, I haven't start even one of it.

oh yea, there's totally big difference compare with high-school, seriously.
Well, in college, there's no one like those annoying teachers in secondary school who always remind you this and that. In college, everything you have to come up by yourself, must learn and get used to it, plan well and be responsibility as well. It's time to get independent, big girl already!

Hmm... while blogging this I'm gonna die cuz it's so freezing in the CITC at college..
I'm frozen. LOL
okay, more photos and updates will be blogging soon, I'll be back.
Stay tuned peeps, thank you :)