Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Decision...

Hi guys, woah I'm back again!!
I'm fine like usual :)
yes, I'm going to start my college life soon, real soon!!!
Imma gotta study hard, play hard, die hard. LOL
Gonna adapt a new life, environment, getting some new friends as well?
So yea, wish me all the best yayy!! :)

Hmm... I changed my mine, I choose Diploma in Public Relations!
Is anyone here studying the same course? I'm your junior here.. haha

Well, I've no ideas what to blog recently, like seriously ;'(
*sigh* How to write out a good interesting article?
How to earn more with Nuffnang? been thinking about it...
Imma change my blog's banner and layout soon!!! Stay tuned.


miyako said...

babe,im interesting with how to make more money with nuffnang..
oh yea,im gonna start my college life too..
after 3 years i graduated from secondary sch..then back to study life again..= =
good luck for both of us~~

Cherish 혜연유 said...

yea, I'm wondering how to earn more with nuffnang.. (*● ω ●*)~ ♥
Money needed, seriously :(

Really? Greats!!High~5!!
We're going to enjoy college life, woahss!! Gonna be study hard, play hard!! hah!! so what course have you chosen? :)