Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Life...

Oppsss, sorry for not being updating recently.
Well, I already started my college life, now is 2nd week already, kinda busy...
have no time to do blogging actually :( almost everyday is a tiring day!

Due to college convenient, I'll be staying outside which is near around college.
I don't have any desktop/lappie for me to online, blogging, Pet Society :'(
wish to own a lappie so badly!!! *sob*

Well, I've to go now, bye ♥

Friday, May 14, 2010


鼻子超敏感的 一點灰塵一點有的沒的就很容易感冒
好癢 打哈欠也不知道N次了 搓得鼻子紅得都快變小丑了
哎都怪自己在晚上洗冷澡 應該是著涼了吧 :(
身體抵抗力也一定弱了 最近都很遲和周公約會關係吧
ㄣ我要開學了 該培養早睡早起的習慣了 早睡早起身體好嘛

噢對了 電腦明天要拿去format:(
install window7 了 該高興還是傷心好呢
嗚 沒能用電腦的日子很痛苦 我已經中了電腦毒 一天沒上線面子書就會渾身不自在
尤其是我的寵物社會(Pet Society) MONCHICHI,寵物寶貝一定會餓死了 還有一堆蒼蠅有事沒事繞著它 寵物的寵物也一定會餓死而離家出走吧 哎呦呦

喔 我下星期就要當新鮮人物(freshman)了 要上學院囉 :)
新學生報到請多多珍惜 哈哈 因為我叫Cherish (珍惜嘛 lol)
好緊張 學院好多人 我會怕 我有多人恐懼症嘛
得從新適應新環境 新朋友 新東西
ㄣ加油囉 我一定行的

喔明天和寶貝有節目呢 要睡囉 晚安了 掰 :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitchen Creatures, Centrepoint BU ♥

Hey guys, it's time to update blog!!
you guys miss me? lol

Oppsss.. this post actually should be posted on last week.. lol
It was 6th of May, a week ago and it was the 5th-monthsary with my boyfriend.
So, for our 5th-month-love-anniversary, we had celebration dinner at Kitchen Creatures, which is located at Centre Point Bandar Utama 1st floor just right above Starbucks, and it was actually my idea. hehe :)

Their menu is kinda awesome. no frills dining
read below and you'll know what it means :) raww!!
"Welcome to our no-frills dining restaurant! No frills means that you don't pay taxes or service charge. Pay a lot less for great wester fare, minus the fuss! so we'd like to present to you :
our awesome menu hungry people!"

Cool isn't it? NO TAXES & SERVICE CHARGE!!!
you just have to pay what you see in the menu ONLY :) I know right, how awesome!!

guess what, all the food prices are low and RM9 - RM30 ONLY!!!

"eat right, eat well, pay less, save more, spend less, spend wisely, eat balanced, drink lots of liquids, sleep early, wash up, laugh loud, laugh a lot, sing more, frown less, love freely, criticize less, dance everywhere, try everything, keep in touch, forgive often, chat more, understand others, pay attention, work honestly, study hard, have integrity, never lie, be gracious, be friendly, do right, overlook wrongs, have compassion, donate blood, to be a volunteer, complain less, be grateful..."

and they also do cathering, buffets, parties as well.
If you're interested with it, you may call them at 03-77298039.

and check out their super creative decos and interior design of the restaurant, superb cute the lantern light balls, lol
the restaurant is divided into two separate section, non-smoking and smoking.
the ambiance are really calm and nice :)
super comfy for chill, and dinner with the love one? especially for couples!
also, not too crowded during dinner hour. their services not bad too!

*argh-hem* let's see what to order first. pic captured by BB

here's my beloved baby boy hun >3

Camwhore before food and drinks coming :)
Cover my face, you can't see me... lol

my fav pose, hahahahaha like it
*totally speechless* NG!! actually I'm trying not to smile, but end up... FAILED lol

... after waiting for 10mins, food and drinks arrived!!

Taa-daa!! om nom-nom... cant wait, hungrrryyyy...

#1 Cappucino @ RM6.50

#2 Latte @ RM6.50

#3 Fish n Chip @ RM12
hmm... super yummy & crunchy, love the mayonnaise sauce

#4 Spaghetti Bolognaise @ RM 13
all the minced beef with tomato sauce and cheese slices, nom!!

me : "BB, don't try to eat my food ya!!" lol

Snapshot by BB, I din't know I was being captured, lol
caption of me : "Let me try yours too! hahaha"

the meal was really good and satisfying, the price is very reasonable and of course affordable :)
I'm going back here for second time, lol


Lot F110, Centre Point,
3, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 P.J

Tel : 03- 7729 8039
Email :

and last, photo of us
Yeahs, HAPPY 5MONTHSARY my baby boy(BB), chu~

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals Mickey Hi ♥

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals 2010 Spring/Summer Mickey Hi has been causing a lot of attention. So as we have been noticing the massive PR success and growing demand. For a collab Jeremy Scott and Walt Disney officially teamed up with adidas Originals to create the sneaker which was originally created for Jeremy Scott’s Fall/ Winter 2009 runway show, titled “Mouse Trap”.
The Mickey Hi is based on the vintage adidas model, the Eldorado, where Jeremy Scott has incorporated elements of Mickey Mouse, the classic Walt Disney character into the limited edition high top. The Jeremy Scott Mickey Hi will hit select accounts on April 1st at the price of €180, so expect to come out the pocket here in the US…

Gaa-hh!! This's so chio sneakers!! ♥
totally falling in love with it at the first sight!!
omg I want, I want it!! gotta save money for it!!
But, where can I get it huh?

Hey friends/readers, could you do me a favor, just a simple one :)

Do you have a facebook account? Ok, next..

Just click in the pagelink below, and click "Like" yay!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Decision...

Hi guys, woah I'm back again!!
I'm fine like usual :)
yes, I'm going to start my college life soon, real soon!!!
Imma gotta study hard, play hard, die hard. LOL
Gonna adapt a new life, environment, getting some new friends as well?
So yea, wish me all the best yayy!! :)

Hmm... I changed my mine, I choose Diploma in Public Relations!
Is anyone here studying the same course? I'm your junior here.. haha

Well, I've no ideas what to blog recently, like seriously ;'(
*sigh* How to write out a good interesting article?
How to earn more with Nuffnang? been thinking about it...
Imma change my blog's banner and layout soon!!! Stay tuned.