Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pretend, emo!

fulled of emo, depressed, helpless...
I guess I'm having hard time right now? ;'(
try to pretend that I'm tough enough to handle
but somehow negativity is ruining me up...
Yea, focus & defeat it I know.
But it's not easy to do it well like how we say it, isn't it?

I just hate what I've done before.
Shitz, I know if I keep blaming still it won't change the fact!

What can I do? Idk.
Just stay away from those negativity & emo.

Do not let myself feel so sorry in the future. No way!

Tell my self...

No matter what, just focus, and focus, move on, carry on along the journey.
I know you're getting so hard, facing lotsa pressure...
But you're getting along the journey, getting closer and closer.
you'll reach your final destination someday, just hold on and do it.
Be bold and be strong, you'll get what you want!
Yes you can, yes you will, yes you must! Cheer up :)

just ranting around and I'll be okay soon...
off to do facial, ciao!

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