Monday, December 21, 2009

A Letter for Santa ♥

Fyi : This photo is not taken by me :)

Yayyy!!! Christmas is coming soon...
It's one of my favorite festivals.
I've been to mall lately but still could'nt feel the atmosphere around ;'(
I used to be so exicited whenever Christmas is coming soon, Idk why.
It's because I'm a Christian, perhaps? :) Xmas is the celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Actually this post supposed to be published on last week,
but don't know why I set this as a draft. LOL.
Well, in fact this post was written to Mr. Santa Claus.
cuz I want something from him!!!
Yes, that jolly old elf HAHAHAHAHA
Guess what!?? the funny part is, actually I don't believe in Santa, LMAO.
but I just wanna do it like other kids who believe in Santa.
I guess Santa likes to receive letters from children? :D

So this gonna be my ever first time to write to Mr. Santa :)
but Idk how to start, so I just simply write some craps.
Santa can you hear/see/feel me? I'm gonna sign my letter that I sealed with kiss. teehee!

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

My name is Cherish and I'm currently staying with my parents and a younger sis at my home sweet home which is far apart away from northern Finland, I bet you know where is it isn't it!!? Hehe... Well, I'm a sweet lovely girl who is officially eighteen this year. Oh ya, how's ya North Pole over there? I guess you're so busying preparing & delivering presents with Mrs. Claus? :)

So, have you get your sleigh ready? Make sure the elves have finished all the presents, toys, and check your list twice to be sure I'm in that too! LOL

I'm super-duper highly excited about Christmas this year. I can't wait for Christmas celebration!!!
Hmm... I've been so good this year, so can I wish something from you? I know what exactly I want this year... I'll be sure to get to bed early before Christmas :) hehe
Actually, I've got lotsa wishes this year, but I just hope that my only wish can be achieved this year.

My Only Wish for this year :
 Hit shares for my Bonanza :) (simple right?)

Have a Merry Christmas. I'll see you on Christmas Eve.
I can't wait you to come to my home with your sleigh on that day?? XD


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