Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My days in December ♥

Yayy, it's time to blogging,
oh yea, just changed the songs that plays on my blog :)
Nostalgia(メイキング)by Maichi×LGYankees

小乖乖 by Evan Yo 蔡旻佑
just love em'

It's been a period of time didn't update my blog :(
Now I'm sick due to the cold environment here,
also having fever, flu and soar-throat, damn it!
Recently I'm kinda busy.
Yet I'm still enjoying my days :)
2 more days to go, New Year Eve is coming very soon...
Well, I used to go to church on every past Christmas Eve, Christmas & New Year Year.
but this year definitely will be going different, whoo~hoo greats!
Last year's Christmas Eve was just normal, nothing special about it!

Just had a movie with my boy today, Bodyguards and Assassins ;'(
actually planned to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks : The Squeakquel
Awww, too bad tickets were sold out, too packed on that day.
but He promised me to watch together next time! Hehehe

Last few days was 25th Dec. Yayy it's CHRISTMAS!!!
Woke up in the early morning, off to church for worship.
It was quite amazing cuz lotsa people came today and everyone sang hymns together :)
That's why I love Christmas so much!!!

Celebrate Christmas is not because of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, or gift!
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
I'm so happy to get some new friends over there, yayy!
After worship, everyone off to Janbo Restaurants for lunch.
Guess what? The youth members of the church, they came and to talk with me! *blush*
and thanks for the souvenir yay! so gamdong LOL ;*)

Off to my cousin's house afterwards.
Wooo, nice interior design triple-storey house, credits!
Since we(cousies) were so bored, then we played Monopoly.
I'm the winner!!! I'm the richest one!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
too bad didn't take any photos on that day, hmmm...
It's okay cuz I really enjoyed my Christmas day this year. One word, HAPPY.

2 days to go, missin' you 

1 comment:

Ry Ling said...

wow~so happy ar~
btw,are u a christian?
i wonder...
hehe...i watched Alvin & the Chipmunks dy~ =P
it's funny! a really cheer ppl up movie...
so what movie u guys watched on that day?
so lucky...won the whole game of monopoly...it has been long time i din play monopoly dy...hehe