Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Year End

Hey hey, it's time for blogging now yay!
Um' feeling so good today :)
Just noticed how the time flies so darn quickly since last year.
It's almost in the end of 2009 now, Dec is coming soon!!!

yet I'm sooooooo exciting for YES!!!
YES = Year End Sale hahahahaha
and the most important one of course is Christmas!!!
Christmas is just around the corner...
After Halloween has ended, everybody'll be busy getting ready for Christmas...
Yayy! "Santa Claus is coming to town..."
I love Christmas  so much so much especially the moment of getting xmas gift!!! LOL
I better start thinking now what should I wear, buy, do on that day. teehee! 
It's nearly the end of November and the malls are getting packed!!!
Fyi, December is my favorite month of the year.
I love the atmosphere during December cuz xmas decos & songs can be seen and heard everywhere :D

Actually, I've already listed out my must-to-do plans.
Eg : hair cut & coloring, cut-down-fats, getting cheques, shopping for xmas gifts & clothes
Oh ya, I'm going to get a dinner dress for NRR, gosssh!!

So, Hae-yan please stop eating kay! :( Hwaiting~!!! 

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