Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get new email? (∀`pq)☆

I'm still thinking whether to apply a new msn email?
am so darn tired of seeing number of strangers in my msn contact-lists.
I don't know where did you guys get my email, on facebook or myspace perhaps!?
Can I delete all of them? Damn regret for publicize my email wtf!
Somehow it's really annoying, cuz I don't know most of you.
What for did you add me if you don't know me?
add me just for fun is it? plus some of them added me but never chat with me one! = =
Okay stop, enough!
I'm going to get a new email and I'll only add back those who're close to me and those I know.
That's all. Sowie for the others :)

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