Monday, August 17, 2009

Kawaii Crossdressing ♥

It's freaking 0045 now, I'm blogging here out of boredom.
Hmm... actually now I'm watching a Japanese TV programme.
it's all about Crossdressing, means boys turn into girls.
Those guys are looking so kawaii, some even looks more kawaii than girls like they were really a girl wtf, seriously!!!
Oh I can't believe this, honma-ni?

It's so UNBELIEVABLE!!! Don't believe me!? Here's some printed-screen images I made for you guys.

Then now believe me or not!?? They're so unbelievable right!???
Aww... why all boys so kawaii one especially the third guy, I love his before-look, damn cute!! mixed-blood somemore!!! *blush*

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