Wednesday, August 12, 2009

/(>▽<)\ Hello Kitty そうかわいい

Hey guys, today I'm gonna share some products which are featured Hello Kitty. hehe
Fyi, I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty!!! so now you know what to do/buy for my birthday huh!? LOL

There is this new launching Hello Kitty cheki camera a.k.a(as known as) instax mini 25 from Fujifilm.

Hooking up with famous Japanese photographer Yonehara Yasumasa, Fujifilm has developed a Hello Kitty-infused joint featuring the lovable character in a white/red makeup.

This lovely camera priced at USD150 will go on sale at then end of June 2009 and each including a small book by YONE on how to take Cheki snaps.

Below are the specifications of Hello Kitty Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Cheki Camera:
lm Fujifilm Instant Colour Film instax mini
Film Size 86mm × 54mm
Image Size 62mm × 46mm
Lens Fujinon 2 Elements, 2 Groups, f=60mm F=12.7
Finder Reverse Galilean type, 0.4 magnification, target marks
Focusing range Fixed focus, 0.6m~∞ auto-focus
Shutter Electronic shutter 1/60s
Exposure Manual aperture priority
Film/Print Output Electronic
Flash Modes Always on, auto, recycle time 0.2-6s depending on battery charge, red LED flash readiness indicator, flash reach 0.6-2.7m
Film Counter Remaining exposures display
Batteries 4
Others Film pack indicator
Dimensions 119.5 × 121.5 × 70.5mm
Weight 320g (without batteries, strap, film)

Oh my goodness, this cheki is so kawaii, isn't it?
I saw this from babe Daphne, she bought it!!!
Awww... I want too!! It's only 480bucks, worth it cuz it's Hello Kitty!!! LOL
Gonna save up money to buy this! ;*)

Hoping someone give this to me as birthday gift?

*hint: 31st January* hehe


Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Swarovski Watch

Part of the Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary celebration this year, 533 pieces limited edition of Swarovski watches are now available for all you Hello Kitty die-hard fans out there. ^_^

Teaming up with famous Swarovski crystal, there are two types of design for the Hello Kitty watches. The first design is a normal wristwatch with Hello Kitty’s face covered with spider web of Swarovski crystals while the second design is a bracelet watch with the word "CRASH" can be found on the bracelet. Both watches are priced at around USD390. If you are interested to purchase these watches, you can find them at 300 Marui Bookstores around Shinjuku, Osaka and Yokohama, Japan.

Oh my god all got Swarovski crytals one, must be superb expensive! I want the Swarovski watch!!!

This's a Hello Kitty notebook, mad chioness!!!but I don't know what brand is this, Japanese brand I assume! Why is this not selling in Malaysia!?? *sob*

Now, let's check this out...
Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Royal Mint Coin Collection

The world’s most beloved cat, Hello Kitty is celebrating her 35th birthday this year.
In conjunction with her 35th anniversary, collectable coin collection is now available for all her fans.

Coins casted by the British Royal Mint and issued by the Cook Islands Commonwealth. There are currently 1000 gold pieces each for $25 and $50, 1500 silver pieces for $10, 1000 silver pieces for the other 3 types of dollars that will be sold in Japan first, and then will be sold in countries around the world including the UK.

Spot the London Bus, I'm lovin' it!!

The $50 coin will feature Hello Kitty with her boyfriend Daniel at Big Ben, while the British Flag and Hello Kitty Coat of Arms is on the $25, Hello Kitty’s Family is on the $10. As for the $5 coins, there will be three versions. They are Hello Kitty and Polo, Hello Kitty and the London Bus and weather, and finally Hello Kitty with her boyfriend Daniel at Tower of London.

Darn, I'm so in love with Hello Kitty now!! Hello Kitty Fever 


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