Thursday, July 23, 2009

♥ Hollaback Girl

It's been few weeks I didn't update my blog! again wtf :(
Sorry guys, I missed blogging, I really do.
I don't know why my internet connection keeps getting interrupted, even though
I've already made hundred-thousands times of report!!!
and there's tons of mails, requests are waiting for me to read and approve.

I'm quite busy recently.

and time passes too quickly, August is coming soon.

Oh ya, last Saturday I went for Bonodori at Shah Alam with my friends, it was my first time experience!
yea, was so excited, kinda enjoyed that day everything is so new to me fantastic baby ;) hehe

I think I'm going again next year, wearing yukata perhaps? (",)?
Imma buy a kawaii yukata soon!! I can't imagine myself wearing in yukata... LOL

Btw, I'm so sick right now, darn!
having soar throat, cough, flu, fever, sucks!
I'm so worried what if I'm having H1N1??
*OMG! touchwood*
Look, I'm still blogging right here even I'm sick! So please appreciate me more! LOL

Ok, I shall stop writing now, feeling so weak, need more rest! Tata~ miss you guys so much :)