Saturday, May 30, 2009

New life-style ♥

I've got nothing to blog now.

Hmm... 1 more day to go, Hoooreyy...

Guess what's it!? Hehehe... am not gonna tell you now! Shhh...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


yes yes yes, I know right, didn't update my blog for few days already :(
not because I lazy or what...
It's all
Streamyx's fault! My line has been corrupted for almost 1month, darn!!!
but no worry now cuz I've already applied for
P1. *winks*
Hope it'll be better than streamyx!!!!

and I realized my readers is getting lesser and lesser *sob*

Oh ya, 
I'm going to start my course on next week, 1st of June.
Hooorey, I can't wait to start my first lesson! ;*)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hakunamatata ♥

Nothing to blog for today, ciao! (=.=;)

I hate the Sun, so darn hot weather recently! shitz!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fcuk Off Maniac

Oh my dear bloggie, I'm so sorry for being an inefficient blogger for neglecting you once again!
I've been so lazy to blog these days... can't call myself a blogger! :(
Been so into facebook-ing, Pet-Society, Restaurant City, MSN chatting, etc lately.

Guess what, I'm going to start my course soon, this month!!!
Hooooorey, I'm so darn excited, can't wait to start!
Am I gonna meet some new friends? Learning new things? Yayyy!!!

Hmm... recently there's something wrong with my streamyx wtf!!!
keep having troubleshoot... Called the helpline service already but still doesn't work, darn!

Recently, there's one sex-maniac keeps disturbing me on msn, fcuk off please!
Shut your mouth up and stop flirting me with your dirty words,
and I'm not interest in your dick, disgusting!!!
Shitz! so I quickly blocked him already!

Feeling so bored recently, wanna go for a movie!
Sniper? I just wanna see Edison Chen, he's my boy! LOL
Have you guys watched this movie yet? How was it?

There's this scary H1N1 happening and spreading everywhere currently...
People, remember to wear on mouthpiece whenever you go outside!!!
If possible, don't go out and stay at home, spend some time with your family or go online to kill time just to prevent from getting H1N1!!!
Hope everything will be fine soon, PEACE.

I miss you so much

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dead-tired ♥

Wooosh~ finally I cleaned up the house!!!
I'm so darn dead-tired now, need some rest badly!!!
and my finger got some "bubble thinggy" on it, isshhh...

going to have rest now, bye! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

My lame senior

It's freaking 0108 now, and I'm still awake for blogging here just out of boredom.
Good morning to all who's reading this now :) hehe
Well, I just came back from yumcha session with my lame dumby high school senior... LOL
You're so darn lame like last time, still the same like a big kid. *childish*

and please stop keep telling everybody that I've got a crush on you ok, I didn't!
nutz la you... shits! *totally speechless*

HAHAHAHHAHA and guess what? Yayy, I accidentally found out his blog *evil smile*
CROCODILE, LACOSTE! hohohoho you get what I mean!? XD

Oh ya, remember drive Benz or BMW next time yayy!
Don't ever break your promise!!! XD