Friday, April 10, 2009

Things-to-do! ♥

Things to do :
DIET, NO dinner, NO junk food, NO soft drinks at all.

Darn, I've gained weight I think? It seems like all I do is eat n eat n eat... Darn!!! I've been being like a piggy lately! Look, I'm so darn chubby now compare with last time! Wonder if the time could fly backwards? ;*(

Now :
Blogging (what to blog huh? otaku life-style being?)
Record down my daily meals (control food consumption & maintain body to prevent over-weight)
NO more spending! (I can't help myself to stop online-shopping, how can!?)

That's all for today. Say "gambateh-ne~" for myself! ;*)

Well, I feel so tired lately. Getting old aready wtf :*( even though I've been sleeping a lot, average 5hrs per day! LOL


♥ΜїĹŏ 07227♥ said...

diet ?

y need diet ~?

uu arn't fat marx~~
y still need diet ~?

me os0 n0t yet diet~

i'm lack of perserverase~

Cherish 혜연 said...

Yup! hmmmm,Im so fat,seriously!big sighs* ;*(