Saturday, April 11, 2009

Strange Weather ♥

Hey guys, did you notice there's something wrong with the recent weather huh?
Now is April, I think it should be sunny day isn't it? ;*(

But it seems kinda strange cuz every morning the sun shines like a giant spotlight like it's going to burn the earth meanwhile in the evening the skies dumping heavily like cats and dogs, weird weather right!? I wondering why huh?

Is it means God is hinting us that doomsday is coming real soon, tell us to prepare ourselves before He is going to judge us and destroy the earth like the previous incident - Noah's story huh? Bible has proven the prophecy! Believe it or not, it's up to you! Hmm...


♥ΜїĹŏ 07227♥ said...

we r destoying the earth~~
we must save our earth

Cherish 혜연 said...

yayyy,people is the murderer! sigh*
People and so cruel and selfish to take care well the Earth, how poor the Earth! ;*(