Monday, April 13, 2009

QingMing Festival ♥

QingMing Festivel also known as 清明節 or Tomb Sweeping Day, is a traditional Chinese holiday where most of Chinese will visit and clean up their ancestors' graves and offer prayers for the dead.
It usually falls in early April every year. It corresponds with the onset of warmer weather, the start of spring plowing, and of family outings.

Yea, even Chinese Christians also do the same too :) I assume not only Chinese, other religious/ethnic are having the same custom too!?

So my family and relatives went for QingMing Festival after Sunday Worship yesterday.
and you know what, yesterday 12th April was Easter DayIt's one of the most important events for most of Christians. Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day either Easter Sunday, two days after Good Friday. So Easter Day is the commemoration of Jesus's death and his rising from death. Halleluia!!

Yesterday the weather was like usual, bright clear sky in the morning then dumping heavily in the afternoon, weird!!! But still we went there for tomb sweep! :)
OMG I really hate the place so much cuz there's a lot of mosquitoes, damn! I get bitten by pesky mosquitoes!
Arrgggh... I hate, I hate u, Mr.Mrs.Ms.Mosquito! Don't ever come to me and suck my blood wtf!

I'm having flu now, due to the recent strange weather perhaps? Hmm...

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