Friday, May 1, 2009

My lame senior

It's freaking 0108 now, and I'm still awake for blogging here just out of boredom.
Good morning to all who's reading this now :) hehe
Well, I just came back from yumcha session with my lame dumby high school senior... LOL
You're so darn lame like last time, still the same like a big kid. *childish*

and please stop keep telling everybody that I've got a crush on you ok, I didn't!
nutz la you... shits! *totally speechless*

HAHAHAHHAHA and guess what? Yayy, I accidentally found out his blog *evil smile*
CROCODILE, LACOSTE! hohohoho you get what I mean!? XD

Oh ya, remember drive Benz or BMW next time yayy!
Don't ever break your promise!!! XD

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Freon said...

Cute !