Monday, April 6, 2009

A Movie Day ♥

Like finally... I went out today! LOL
So I went to watch movie with my ex-working friend ;)
It's been a long time never meet you and you look so pretty now!!
PS:// Sorry I'm coming late today.

Then we watched KNOW1NG, this movie isn't bad! ★★★★
but I don't really like the ending cuz it's seems kinda illogical, was wondering what did the last message trying to tell huh? I don't really understand why is only the 2 kids were chosen? Others must be die? WHY!?

Well, this movie story seems a lil related to the bible prophecy which is kinda frighten me ;*(
Remember the Noah's story? At that time, The God submerged the earth in water for more than a year, about hundred-thousands of people died except the Noah's family. Then God showed Noah the Rainbow sign, it means that He's not going to use water the next time, but FIRE for the Judgement Day!!!

Believe it or not!? It's up to you. Please ready yourself for the future okay, I believe doomsday is coming soon where the day God is going to judge everyone of us. Heaven or Hell!? You choose!

but in this movie, the sun is getting closer to earth, then the earth is getting hotter and hotter... lotsa people is dying cuz they couldn't stand the heat, everything is messed up, lotsa "fire balls" thinggy falling over the earth then the earth couldn't bare anymore... at the end *boom boom pow* the earth explodes like a nuclear bomb!? Is this going to happen in future!? :(

Btw, what the hell with the 4 blonde-hair aliens? They look kinda W-E-I-R-D!!!
The most creepy terror part is when the guy found the name "EE" which Lucinda wrote under her bed 50 years ago. Oh-my-goodness!!! this part totally scare the shit out of me!!! 
wtf I don't even dare to open my eyes to watch that part, just covered eyes but the audio was too loud I can still hear the horror sounds :*(


♥ΜїĹŏ 07227♥ said...

ii didnt watch this movie b4 niie~~~

but all movies os0 same d lor0x~~
os0 js leave the main characther oni d~~


Cherish 혜연 said...

Nope,this movie was a lil diff with others,the main actor has died in the end cuz of explosion! hmmmm...