Friday, April 3, 2009

Miss them so badly ♥

Last year in April, I remember that time was near the end of Spring...
it was my most exciting, happy, joyful moment in my life ever  I'll never forget those good memories.
I'm missing of those days, food and people there so badly ;*(

Gangnam University
I love Spring season especially those look-alike-sakura-flowers 

Hanggang River
I miss the scenery and the fresh air 

I miss the street, the people, language and their culture.

I miss the food! One of my favourite dishes, Kimchi 
hmm...mashidha!! (means delicious in Korean)

I miss Kimbab too!!!  superb yummy and full :P

I miss this lil cute boy, he's Jae-min  He is like a lil bro of mine!

Here's the one I miss the most, Jae-wook oppa  he's really cute isn't he? *blush*

Aww... looking at the pictures while blogging this I started to miss them already...
I promise, someday soon, I'm coming back to this land.

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♥ΜїĹŏ 07227♥ said...

한국을 갔었?


나또 한국을 가고싶요~