Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Haters Gonna Hate ♥

Hey, I just went back from the Ministry School. Well, this is my very first time to visit the place. Wow, the people there are so darn friendly, charming, cheerful, good, kind & etc. It was so internationalization cuz got lotsa Caucasians and Blacks!

they all just believe in Jehovah(?), means the Heavily Father only. It's kinda different compared to Protestant Jesus Christ, cuz we believe in 3 which are Father in heaven, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. But I really enjoyed myself over there! ;*)

Also, I got to know some new friends over there. They are so friendly to the new visitors, like we're in a big family. LOL They are
Yoanna *charming gurl, Ayumi *the Japanese she's so cute, Selina *the funniest plus hyper-active gurl, Pauline *Yoanna's mom, Rick *the American interpreter and others which I can't really remember their names, so many of them! Anyway, nice to meet you guys! hehe

Oh, there's one thing that makes me really *
blush* cuz Yoanna said I look like a Japanese, that's the reason why she introduced Ayumi to me! LOL then Ayumi she spoke Japanese to me, but too bad I can only speak a lil bit basic ones, need to improve my Japanese already, gambateh~ne! ;*)

Okay, recently there's this spammer spammed in my chatbox, named her/himself as "Stranger"? I don't even know who's he or she? Bullshit anonymous why don't you put your real name huh? So you don't have a name? Aww...

Well, let me answer
your questions one by one :) See, I'm so kind one! LOL

Q1: u dont think urself so pretty..
Oh my goodness, did I ever say I'm pretty huh? You're not me, how did you know whether I think myself is pretty or not wtf! Don't judge a book but its cover okay! Hmm... To be frank, I never think myself as pretty or cute ok! Yea I admit I'm not pretty, so? At least I'm putting effort in making myself to be good looking! You're the only one pretty in this world! Okay, fine, happy, satisfy?
Well I just want to say, if you don't like me, please just leave and you don't have to spam on my chatbox and tell me about it! Because I know myself more than you do and thanks for reminding me again! :D

Q2: copycat..learn taiwan/japan/korea style...
Hmm... what!? Wait! Why did you say so? Who did I copy huh? Did I? Can you name them out? Okay, maybe I did or maybe I didn't? Even if I did so, did you mean that I can't copying someone that I admired? Or a better word - learning good side from them, eg: those models in magazines :)

Well if you don't know, there are lots of magazines selling in the market, bookstores or whatever places out there. It's for us to refer, learn and know about the latest fashion/beauty/whatever trends, so we can dress up ourselves to look pretty, kawaii, trendy, attractive, sexy, outstanding etc. Is it wrong to learn different styles in order making yourself to look more pretty than usual and being a confident person!? A person who knows how to dress up is a sign of respect!

So what's the problem with you now? I wonder are you naked 24/7? cuz if you wear anything on then can I say you're copying human being for wearing clothes!? Then I bet you're no human being!? LOL Did you ever noticed the latest entertainment news regarding the famous Taiwanese female singer, Jolin Tsai copied Ayumi Hamasaki's style, so what? As long as she's not copying 100% same then it's fine! Whatcha waiting for, are you going to scold her for copying someone famous too?? LOL Having similar-style doesn't mean copy okay!

Q3: n onlyknow to P ur photo~so fake la!
Oh, I look so fake, so? Did I make you blind? Or am I looking fake like a Barbie Doll/porcelain doll? 
Oh~ Im Barbie girl in the Barbie world… LOL What kind of sense of thought does it make you think that I only know how to P my photos? I guess it's something good cuz photoshop is one of my talent skills, perhaps!? LOL Even I P or not, let me tell you, this’s none of your business okay, why are you being busybody and care about other people's business huh? You have got nothing to do with it and I'm not gonna give a sh*t about you! If you don't like me, f*ck off then! You're just wasting your time and please do something to make your life better/meaningful instead of spamming my chatbox! Get a life plez! :)

Anyway, thanks for your kindly comment! I really appreciate it and will always improve myself to be a better one! Haters gonna hate ;*)


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哈哈哈哈..謝謝妳! (0 ^ ~ ^ 0)
但我沒放在心上,只是覺得很新奇,第一次被人家攻擊哦!哈哈哈,好有趣! XD