Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everyone crush on Him ♥

Hmmm.. hey guys, you know what?
you guys sure dont know, cuz I still haven't tell you guys isn't it? LOL

Okokok, please don't throw rotten eggs at me!!! *dodging* LOL

Well, recently I found out that a lot of girls are so getting into this guy!

Huh, wondering who's him? who know? If you know please raise up your hand...
Okay so for those who don't know, I'll let you guys guess first :)


Time's up!!!

 Again! 3...


Okay, I tell you now, he is... *drum roll* (sfx)

 David Archuleta

Wow, lots of screaming there, I can hear you...

Ahem! *clear throat* wondering why him huh? Don't ask me cuz I don't even know why. LOL

Maybe because... he's cute? handsome? good voice? charming?

Well, frankly speaking I'm not interested in him!
Not that I hate him or whatever cuz I never listen to his songs before or even now. XD

See, how out-dated I am huh? *sighs*

but what, recently I'm so so so into Jesse McCartney!!!
I guess some of you know him huh?
Don't know why his name sounds like a girl huh? NO, he's a guy man!!!

Awww... he's the cutest handsome guy that I've ever seen in my life!!! LOL *blush*

Now it's my turn to scream out loud!!! LOL

Jesse, I love you! chu~ *blush*

He looks superb cute isn't he? *blush*

I wish to have bf like him? (yes only in my dream right? LOL)
Awww... impossible to have this kind of bf huh? *just day-dreaming will do*

Ok, just stop this cuteguy topic,
IF NOT, I think I'm going insane because of Jesse!!! LOL

Logged in Facebook just now...
OMG!! It's been some time I never open my Facebook I think?
cuz it still seems kinda complicated to me! *shaking head*
yea, I know I'm so dumb ;*(

Hmm... there's a lot of friend requests waiting me to approve.
Oh my gossssssssh, totally can faint now cuz most of them are strangers!!
(I'm ain't showing off ok, plez!)

Pet Society it's-a-MUST-play-game-on-Facebook!!! LOL

Awww... my poor lil petpet, I've been neglecting you for some time huh... sorry my bad!

Here, let me introduce you my lil kawaii petpet!  MONCHICHI it's a she! :)

MONCHICHI currently is wearing B&W Striped Top, must wear this on Summer! LOL

Looking kawaii even when napping time 

Wearing Japanese high-school uniform for cosplay? LOL kawaii~ne!!!
*Opps, please ignore those flies on her face, forgot to bathe her! lol*

Ok, that's all for today, Imma take shower now!
Ciao! lalalalalalalala

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