Friday, April 17, 2009

Knickers ♥ Dress for Less

Look, it's
Frilly Knickers For Girly Bums
(OMG!! Why on earth is this so cute! *screaming*)

Vintage Pink Frilly Knickers
(I like this! kawaii~ne  I think most of girls cannot resist cute color especially PINK! LOL)

Black frilly Knickers with Flouncy Lace Frills
OMG!! this one looks so S-E-X-Y, woots!)

Gypsy Rose Kitten Knickers

Pink Silk Camisole and Knickers
(This's pinkish set of Vest&Knicker, love it will wear this in future to seduce my hubby? LOL)

For your information,
MARKS&SPENCE offers a wide range of affordably priced apparels, so you can style up for less without compromising on quality.

Yayyy I'm definitely going to get few sets of cute knicker for myself  

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Ceriso Brazilian Knickers
Maybe this one? Only 

Body Miracle Animal Print Shorts £8.00
or this one? Animal printed one, looks cool man! ;)

Awww...  All of the knicker designs are looking cute, can't really decide which one to buy! Can I have ALL??


nyx-倪 said...

wow!!the pinkcolor 1 is nice!!!!!!! i love

Cherish 혜연 said...

Yayyy, the pinks looks much more adorable cute, I want it ALL ;*)