Friday, April 24, 2009

★ Realization

Now I only know, I'm NOT HAPPY at all
I feel so helpless, isolated, emo, moody
seriously don't really have the mood recently... *big sighs*

I used to be quiet, not really talk much as well, just remain silence
Yes, maybe I'm different with last time, yes I've changed!
I'm not the one like last time anymore, everything changed, so do I.

I don't talk much in my daily life, seriously!!
I'm being so emo lately... feel so moody and everything is so complicated!
I can't express out the feeling and I didn't tell anyone else, but only myself.

What's wrong with me? I don't know, please don't ask.
Sometimes I smile, I laugh but doesn't means I'm happy.
Expression can be deceiving sometimes, that's true!
I'm tired to get rid of everything, totally fed up :*(


huiin said...

simple thinking brings simple happy :)

Cherish 혜연 said...

yea, I know!
Its easy to say but not easy to do!
The feeling is just complicated, I think need some time to calm it ;*(

and Thanks for your kindly advice! :)

miyako said...

cheer up,baby!
don't think too much,k?