Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Dairy ♥

* I look so darn fugly and I know it ;*(

Dear dairy, sorry for being lazy & neglecting you,
I've no idea what to blog recently, totally out of inspirations...
Recently am so busying playing Pet Society & Restaurant City on Facebook, so addictive!!

and I just joined the Friends for Sell! How to play actually?

The recent me just staying at home everyday, being so emo, bored... feel so lifeless!!!
just wanna have some fun, hang out with besties, or a movie?

Since I've nothing to blog anymore, ciao then! :)

continue playing Pet Society,
fyi, it requires lotsa patience to up-level.
What else can play huh?

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RORO said...

HI~DEAR FRENZ~希望你可以来支持下我~我在JBT开店了~你可以去看看有喜欢的吗~有衣服还有LENS~请多支持哦!谢谢!