Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Boring Day Out ♥

Today is public holiday, I think? Hmm...
Well, I woke up in the morning, but actually it's almost noon-time!
then brushing, breakfast, doll-up, dressing...
Done everything, went out 3pm with my lil sis since today is free,

Luckily my dad is free to take us to the mall. Thank you daddy! Chu~ 
Since we haven't taken lunch yet, so we just had some creepy crunchy snack. mine is peanut butter flavor, hmm... taste not bad thou!
then headed to the cinema, too bad mostly movies are ONLY for 18+, my sis she's still under 18, *big sighs* my plan failed!!!
Afterwards went to bookshop to look for Popteen latest issue,
darn still out of new!
then bought Fashion Guide, $6.80.
Honestly, it's quite boring without a movie, no choices.
So, today I bought a face blush, nail polish and a lipstick. (Wow, my very first lipstick that I bought for myself, hehe!!)
Afterwards, met up with my cousin chit-chat for a while then go home!

Conclusion for today: tiring and boring 

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