Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Popteen ♥

I wonder why I hardly get the latest Popteen issue lately!??
I've missed out the Feb, March and April Popteen issues.
Darn, can't get it from any bookstores! :(
February issue is about Aiku Maikawa's graduation from Popteen magazine.
Tsubasa left Popteen not more than one year and now is Aiku's turn! :( By the way, she just joined Cancam magazine as an exclusive model since last few months I think.
Anyway, wish her good luck and all the best in future! I miss her so much :)

Well, March issue's coverpage model is Kumiko Funayama 
She's so lovely. I think her style seems kinda similar to Tsubasa's. What do you think?

April issue's coverpage models are Yui Kanno & Kumiko Funayama, Kumicky once again!!! It seems like Kumikkii is getting popular in Japan huh?
she joined 
Popteen on last Sept 2008, well I think it's too early/fast for her to be coverpage model.
But this time, it was
Yui herself asked Kumikkii to be on cover with her.
Oh yea, I just finished read all the Popteen models's blog just now :)
and I realized that 寿るい(Rui Kotobuki) her new style look soooooo similar to KumikkiiLOL

(from left :
Nana Suzuki, Rui Kotobuki)
At first, I thought the girl beside Nana was Kumikkii, but weird cuz this pic was posted in Rui's blog.
Look! Her make-up and even the hair style look so alike with Kumikkii's, could they be twins? LOL Wondering both of them are trying to copy Tsubasa's style? :D #justsaying
Okay, now
Tsubasa's turn. One of my favorite gyarus/goddess!!!!
Guess what!? Now she's officially on a new Jap magazine -
SCREAM's exclusive model.
I miss her so much too! I think
SCREAM magazine is not selling in Malaysia yet since it's a new magazine. Aww... that's too bad! :(

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Sugar said...

Aiku's modeling for CanCam now, which is a step up from Popteen since it's THE mainstream magazine in Japan. I was shocked to see her in CanCam last winter, Yui Kanno seemed more like the OL type to me. Aiku will always be a cute little gyaru in my heart <3

Anyway, Aiku's doing really well. CanCam seems to treat her like an ebi-chan replacement, featuring her on covers and running special aiku articles.