Thursday, March 5, 2009

My cosmetics-wanted-list ♥

I'm totally insane/sick of my wish list especially when it comes to cosmetics, darn!


*hint* my birthday is on 31st January. LOL!!!

(Cleanser) : Neutrogena
(Scrub) : -
(Make-up Water/Toner) : SANA豆乳, JUJU AQUAMOiST Vitamin C toner*
(Emulsion) : JUJU AQUAMOiST, NIVEA, KOSE, H~20
(Atomization) : Avena
(Essence) : JUJU AQUAMOiST
(Eye Frost/Gel) : KOSE
(Lip Balm) : Majolica Majorca, Vaseline, NIVEA
(Masque) : 我的美麗日記, Garnier
(Isolation Frost) : -

(Lotion/Butter) : TheBodyShop, Victoria's Secret, Sexy Girl
(Whitening/Moisturizer) : NIVEA, Garnier
(Perfumes/Fragrances) : Victoria's Secret, Love&Peace

(Shampoo) : Tsubaki
(Hair Conditioner) : Tsubaki
(Styling Wax) : GATSBY
(Hair Colour) : Palty

(Base/BBcream) : PALGANTONG, BRTC, L'EGERE, SANA Pore Putty
(Foundation) : RMK, Paul&Joe, REVLON, MAC
(Pressed Powder) : CANMAKE, Fasio
(Concealer) : CANMAKE
(Shading Powder) : MAC, REVLON
(Highlights) : INTEGRATE
(Blusher) : MAC, REVLON, Majolica Majorca, CANMAKE
(Loose Powder) : PALGANTONG, CHACOTT, KATE, Majolica Majorca
(Eyeshadow) : KATE, Majolica Majorca, REVLON, MAC
(Eyeliner) : Majolica Majorca
(Eyebrow Powder) : KATE, INTEGRATE
(Eyebrow Pencil) : SHISEIDO, KATE
(Lipstick) : MAC, MAYBELLINE
(Lipgloss) : Majolica Majorca, KATE, MAC, Anna Sui, INTEGRATE

OTHERS/Cosmetic Tools
(Face Brush) : MAC, KELLY
(Lash Curler) : SHISEIDO, SANA 39mm

Weeeee... finally it's done!

It seems like I'm going to spend a lot again, totally broke now!!!

PS:// some of the brands are not available in Malaysia yet :( WHY!??? *sighs*

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