Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kinokuniya BookWeb ♥

Whenever you want to search/buy some Japanese books, just launch into Kinokuniya BookWeb.
I think they are quite good cuz they provide delivery service direct to your home. So convenient right cuz you don't have to waste money/petrol go to Kinokuniya @ KLCC.
All you have to do is, stay at home, move your mouse and just click whatever books you want to buy (add to cart and check out) then pay via credit card. Taaadaa you're done!!! Just wait for the books arrive at your home :D
Super easy steps and convenient right!?? *teehee*

Also, you can check out the arrival of latest books in their bookstore via online! Fyi, you can get most of the popular Japanese fashion/gyaru magazines there, such as Popteen, ViVi, Scawaii, Egg, Ranzuki, etc. Both Japanese and Chinese are available too, in the latest issue.

By the way, I'm going to visit the Kinokuniya bookstore later on. LOL

Here's my current wish-booklist :1. つばさブログ スーパー読者モデル益若つばさチャンのブログ本
1,200円 (稅別)
Content : 「つばさサイズ」オールちぇき!
How To つばさMake‐up!
Contents of Tsubasa’s Bag
2. つばさイズム
1,238円Content : Photograph Collection―Tsubasa in LA
Essay―Tsubasa’s Life
Tsubasa Style(Fashion;Tsubasa’s Essence;Hair;Make Up;Nail)
Photograph Collection―Tsubasa in New Style
Photograph&Message―Tsubasa in Natural
Collage―Memories of LA
List―Tsubasa’s  Essence

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