Monday, March 9, 2009

Him? ♥

Today, I mean this morning I dreamed about HIM  *blush*
I suddenly miss him so much! LOL
I think he's quite busy recently due to his mid-term exam.
Anyway, wish him good luck and blessed always!

I'm having cold now,
darn ;*(
I think it's due to the
 air-contioner last night? Argghh... damn it!
I hate cold (flu) but I love cold (weather)! What the... *contradictory*
Guess what?? I already dyed my hair into Classic Mocha!!! hehe
Hmm... the outcome is not bad, kinda satisfied!
at least looking good than my expectation :)

Now my hair is not black like a coal anymore, it's natural brown!!! *winks*

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