Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue Skies ♥

As you guys know, I love to camwhore around wherever I go... somehow it depends on my mood! LOL
This time, I'm gonna share some of my blue-skies photographs. (non-edit one)
#1 on 21st Feb 2009, 6.41pm @ St. Gabriel Church
#2 on 23rd Feb 2009, 8.20am @ somewhere beside the roadside
#3 on 3rd March 2009, 6.05pm @ Toyota workshop*teehee* I'm totally fall in love with the blue skies.
Who knows maybe I'm the next best-nature-photographer!? LOL
Blue skies somehow makes me feel so relaxing, freedom, comfortable.

But I don't know why the skies in Malaysia looks so dull and the clouds are like so grey-ish like doomsday is coming soon wtf! LOL Btw(By the way), I've been to Korea before(2 years ago), the skies there is definitely much clearer & blue-ish and you can clearly seen the clouds as white as white candy cotton up there compare with Malaysia's one!

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