Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hey guys, it's been an age since the last post, *big sigh*
Well, tonight 28/03 is EARTH HOUR.
People, remember to switch off the light at 8.30pm till 9.30om okay!


As an Earthmen, everyone has the responsibility to protect the Earth!
So guys let's do it tonight..! *

Thursday, March 19, 2009

L-O-V-E ♥ in different languages


I love you (English)
Je t'aime (法國語)
Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hae (印度語)
Milu ji te (捷克語)
Ti Amo (義大利語)
Ya Tabe Kahayu (烏克蘭)
Ish Libe Dish (德語)
我愛你 (華語)
S'agapo (希臘語)
Sa Rang Hae Yo (韓語)
Ai Shi Te Ru (日語)
Te Ubsec (羅馬尼亞語)
Mahal Kita (菲律賓語)
Te Amo (西班牙)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

StyleWalker ♥

Ohai! I just signed up for StyleWalker  yesterday.
TOO BAD I'm toooo poor in Japanese language, totally couldn't understand Japanese :(
Well I'm thinking to take language course soon. Korean or Japanese!? *dilemma*

An Idle Day ♥

Hey guys, it's time for blogging now! ;*)
Hmm, it's been long time I didn't update something new here...
Everyday I'm so free and getting lazy and lazier to blog lately, plus I don't know what to blog about...

Oh yea, last Sat I went to an education fair @ Mid Valley with my schoolmate.
Well, it was so crowded and flooded with lotsa people.
Overall not bad thou, but
I'm still in dilemma what courses should I take yet..?
Business? but most of people (about 60%) have chosen this course already.
or beauty course, maybe? cuz I'm interested! *
Yea, I'm going to ask my cousie about it since she's working in
Shiseido co.
Well, gambateh for my future, Aza Aza Fighting!!!
♥ ♥ 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

60% ♥

Hey guys, it's freaking 1.24am in the morning now and I'm still awake and blogging here out of boredom.
So, today(10/03), I prepared dinner for my family, seriously!!! *winks*
I cooked spaghetti, mushroom soup, and meatballs tomato sauce ;*)

This is my FIRST TIME ever to cook for my family, not bad thou!
my mom rated 60% on my cooking. 
Hmm... it's okay! considered PASS right? hehe
I believe, practice makes perfect! so means I've to cook more in order to achieve the chef level!? LOL

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Very First Time ♥

Wooo, You know what, I woke up at 3.30pm today, seriously!
totally break my own record ever, unbelievable isn't it? Gotta believe it' LOL

I'm sooo into Classic Songs recently.. hehe
just bought a Classic Songs CDs yesterday, keep playing and repeating the whole album :)

A Boring Day Out ♥

Today is public holiday, I think? Hmm...
Well, I woke up in the morning, but actually it's almost noon-time!
then brushing, breakfast, doll-up, dressing...
Done everything, went out 3pm with my lil sis since today is free,

Luckily my dad is free to take us to the mall. Thank you daddy! Chu~ 
Since we haven't taken lunch yet, so we just had some creepy crunchy snack. mine is peanut butter flavor, hmm... taste not bad thou!
then headed to the cinema, too bad mostly movies are ONLY for 18+, my sis she's still under 18, *big sighs* my plan failed!!!
Afterwards went to bookshop to look for Popteen latest issue,
darn still out of new!
then bought Fashion Guide, $6.80.
Honestly, it's quite boring without a movie, no choices.
So, today I bought a face blush, nail polish and a lipstick. (Wow, my very first lipstick that I bought for myself, hehe!!)
Afterwards, met up with my cousin chit-chat for a while then go home!

Conclusion for today: tiring and boring 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Him? ♥

Today, I mean this morning I dreamed about HIM  *blush*
I suddenly miss him so much! LOL
I think he's quite busy recently due to his mid-term exam.
Anyway, wish him good luck and blessed always!

I'm having cold now,
darn ;*(
I think it's due to the
 air-contioner last night? Argghh... damn it!
I hate cold (flu) but I love cold (weather)! What the... *contradictory*
Guess what?? I already dyed my hair into Classic Mocha!!! hehe
Hmm... the outcome is not bad, kinda satisfied!
at least looking good than my expectation :)

Now my hair is not black like a coal anymore, it's natural brown!!! *winks*

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I ♥ M.A.C

I want to buy M.A.C cosmetics so badly! (especially their false-eyelashes)
But the price is killing me, RM60+ per pair of false-eyelashes. DARN!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My cosmetics-wanted-list ♥

I'm totally insane/sick of my wish list especially when it comes to cosmetics, darn!


*hint* my birthday is on 31st January. LOL!!!

(Cleanser) : Neutrogena
(Scrub) : -
(Make-up Water/Toner) : SANA豆乳, JUJU AQUAMOiST Vitamin C toner*
(Emulsion) : JUJU AQUAMOiST, NIVEA, KOSE, H~20
(Atomization) : Avena
(Essence) : JUJU AQUAMOiST
(Eye Frost/Gel) : KOSE
(Lip Balm) : Majolica Majorca, Vaseline, NIVEA
(Masque) : 我的美麗日記, Garnier
(Isolation Frost) : -

(Lotion/Butter) : TheBodyShop, Victoria's Secret, Sexy Girl
(Whitening/Moisturizer) : NIVEA, Garnier
(Perfumes/Fragrances) : Victoria's Secret, Love&Peace

(Shampoo) : Tsubaki
(Hair Conditioner) : Tsubaki
(Styling Wax) : GATSBY
(Hair Colour) : Palty

(Base/BBcream) : PALGANTONG, BRTC, L'EGERE, SANA Pore Putty
(Foundation) : RMK, Paul&Joe, REVLON, MAC
(Pressed Powder) : CANMAKE, Fasio
(Concealer) : CANMAKE
(Shading Powder) : MAC, REVLON
(Highlights) : INTEGRATE
(Blusher) : MAC, REVLON, Majolica Majorca, CANMAKE
(Loose Powder) : PALGANTONG, CHACOTT, KATE, Majolica Majorca
(Eyeshadow) : KATE, Majolica Majorca, REVLON, MAC
(Eyeliner) : Majolica Majorca
(Eyebrow Powder) : KATE, INTEGRATE
(Eyebrow Pencil) : SHISEIDO, KATE
(Lipstick) : MAC, MAYBELLINE
(Lipgloss) : Majolica Majorca, KATE, MAC, Anna Sui, INTEGRATE

OTHERS/Cosmetic Tools
(Face Brush) : MAC, KELLY
(Lash Curler) : SHISEIDO, SANA 39mm

Weeeee... finally it's done!

It seems like I'm going to spend a lot again, totally broke now!!!

PS:// some of the brands are not available in Malaysia yet :( WHY!??? *sighs*

Kinokuniya BookWeb ♥

Whenever you want to search/buy some Japanese books, just launch into Kinokuniya BookWeb.
I think they are quite good cuz they provide delivery service direct to your home. So convenient right cuz you don't have to waste money/petrol go to Kinokuniya @ KLCC.
All you have to do is, stay at home, move your mouse and just click whatever books you want to buy (add to cart and check out) then pay via credit card. Taaadaa you're done!!! Just wait for the books arrive at your home :D
Super easy steps and convenient right!?? *teehee*

Also, you can check out the arrival of latest books in their bookstore via online! Fyi, you can get most of the popular Japanese fashion/gyaru magazines there, such as Popteen, ViVi, Scawaii, Egg, Ranzuki, etc. Both Japanese and Chinese are available too, in the latest issue.

By the way, I'm going to visit the Kinokuniya bookstore later on. LOL

Here's my current wish-booklist :1. つばさブログ スーパー読者モデル益若つばさチャンのブログ本
1,200円 (稅別)
Content : 「つばさサイズ」オールちぇき!
How To つばさMake‐up!
Contents of Tsubasa’s Bag
2. つばさイズム
1,238円Content : Photograph Collection―Tsubasa in LA
Essay―Tsubasa’s Life
Tsubasa Style(Fashion;Tsubasa’s Essence;Hair;Make Up;Nail)
Photograph Collection―Tsubasa in New Style
Photograph&Message―Tsubasa in Natural
Collage―Memories of LA
List―Tsubasa’s  Essence

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue Skies ♥

As you guys know, I love to camwhore around wherever I go... somehow it depends on my mood! LOL
This time, I'm gonna share some of my blue-skies photographs. (non-edit one)
#1 on 21st Feb 2009, 6.41pm @ St. Gabriel Church
#2 on 23rd Feb 2009, 8.20am @ somewhere beside the roadside
#3 on 3rd March 2009, 6.05pm @ Toyota workshop*teehee* I'm totally fall in love with the blue skies.
Who knows maybe I'm the next best-nature-photographer!? LOL
Blue skies somehow makes me feel so relaxing, freedom, comfortable.

But I don't know why the skies in Malaysia looks so dull and the clouds are like so grey-ish like doomsday is coming soon wtf! LOL Btw(By the way), I've been to Korea before(2 years ago), the skies there is definitely much clearer & blue-ish and you can clearly seen the clouds as white as white candy cotton up there compare with Malaysia's one!

Cute Babies ♥

Hey people, just short update here!
Took some photos of the baby kittens just now :)
See, they've grown bigger and looks more cuter than last time!
Now, they are probably a week-age. Their eyes are still closing.

Will upload more pictures of them next time :) Till then, I suppose their eyes are all open already!

Popteen ♥

I wonder why I hardly get the latest Popteen issue lately!??
I've missed out the Feb, March and April Popteen issues.
Darn, can't get it from any bookstores! :(
February issue is about Aiku Maikawa's graduation from Popteen magazine.
Tsubasa left Popteen not more than one year and now is Aiku's turn! :( By the way, she just joined Cancam magazine as an exclusive model since last few months I think.
Anyway, wish her good luck and all the best in future! I miss her so much :)

Well, March issue's coverpage model is Kumiko Funayama 
She's so lovely. I think her style seems kinda similar to Tsubasa's. What do you think?

April issue's coverpage models are Yui Kanno & Kumiko Funayama, Kumicky once again!!! It seems like Kumikkii is getting popular in Japan huh?
she joined 
Popteen on last Sept 2008, well I think it's too early/fast for her to be coverpage model.
But this time, it was
Yui herself asked Kumikkii to be on cover with her.
Oh yea, I just finished read all the Popteen models's blog just now :)
and I realized that 寿るい(Rui Kotobuki) her new style look soooooo similar to KumikkiiLOL

(from left :
Nana Suzuki, Rui Kotobuki)
At first, I thought the girl beside Nana was Kumikkii, but weird cuz this pic was posted in Rui's blog.
Look! Her make-up and even the hair style look so alike with Kumikkii's, could they be twins? LOL Wondering both of them are trying to copy Tsubasa's style? :D #justsaying
Okay, now
Tsubasa's turn. One of my favorite gyarus/goddess!!!!
Guess what!? Now she's officially on a new Jap magazine -
SCREAM's exclusive model.
I miss her so much too! I think
SCREAM magazine is not selling in Malaysia yet since it's a new magazine. Aww... that's too bad! :(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Expenses ♥

Oh my dearly God, I'm going to broke soon!!
Spent a lot to fulfill my wishlist but totally worth it :) LOL
Well, just spent about 100+bucks today *
big sigh*
Can't really control myself to buy this buy that, darn! So tempted :(

How I wish money grow on trees, fall from sky, either they make love in my wallet. *blush* LMAO

M.A.C, RMK, Paul&Joe, Integrate, Canmake, KOSE, BRTC and etc.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Your Enemies ♥

Today is Sunday, what a beautiful holy worship day.
「Love your enemies!」Jesus said.
Pray for those who has persecuted me!

So, what should I do now?
Frankly, to forgive or love the one you hated is not that easy.
Forgiving someone else can be much harder than forgiving yourself.
Therefore, we need to pray to God.
Prayer is the most powerful miraculous thing that made by God.
Halleluia, Amen!