Monday, February 23, 2009

★ Where to go?

Recently I found out that many people shifting blog to blog, from wretch to blogspot, xanga to blogspot, etc. Yea I'm one of them(from wretch to here due to some reasons)  :D LOL
(come on, thumbs up for blogspot *teehee*)

Fyi(for your information), I was a wretch user, actually wretch is quite good. The only bad thing is the loading speed & space limitation(comment box, album). And it's quite troublesome for those who're not living in Taiwan. Cuz you have to pay for upgrading your blog so you can enjoy more privileges for comment box & photo albums storage BUT payment can be only made in Taiwan wtf unless you got friend in Taiwan to help you.

Actually I was a GOLD USER on wretch. I was so lucky that time cuz I managed to find someone who is actually so kind to help me for the upgrade procedures although it took quite a long time to make the whole thing settled.

It cost me about 100bucks, yes considered expensive cuz the privilege period for freaking one year only wtf.

With 100bucks. I can spend a lot on shopping (buying new clothes, cosmetics and other stuffs) already.

So I decided to not to continue blogging on wretch anymore as it's going to expire soon on this coming Nov 2009 (if I'm not wrong)

Therefore, Blogspot is the best platform for blogging I think! :)

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