Friday, February 27, 2009

Ma Life♥

Ma life and breath started since I was born,
I used to live at an earthly tent that located in a star which named Earth.
For all that, I believe that I will own a new home in heaven cuz I believe in Him.
With an eternal body made for me by God himself and not by human hands.
Life, earthly day-life that makes me groans and sighs,
but its not that I want to die and have no body at all.
Well, I'm always confident and optimistic, even through I know that as long as I live in this body I'm not at home with the Lord.
That's why I live by Believing and NOT by Seeing.

Hey bastard, if you're still using your assdumb to see things,
definitely you're foolish enough.
If you're still act like an ego, never apologize and think whatever you think is right,
Well, honestly it seems that you're really overbearing!
Just stop your inexpensive manner trying to control other people!
And if you're still spreading malicious remarks about me to people,
Okay fine, then you just wait and see, someone will curse you back. I believe in karma.
Seriously I'm not kidding and joking with you, stay and watch out! You'll deserve it!
You know you're the one I'm talking about isn't it?
From now on, I'm not the one who I was. I'm changed.
Cuz the life is gone then a new life has begun!
So everyday will be a new life, chill out :)

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