Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cosmetic Contact Lens ♥

Hey people, Contact Lens - I guess nobody don't know what is it isn't it?
Yea I'm wearing lenses too *teehee*

Lenses makes our eyes looks more better, attractive, glamour, enchant and even exceedingly charming.

See, she's JaniceMan. Her eyes look so attractive and gorgeous even with natural colour lenses.

I've got 2 contact lenses. GEO Angel Series 14.0mm CM-834 & GnG 14.5mm black.

Well, I'm thinking to buy more lenses for my own beauty 
Thinking to buy :
CTS-104Honey Wing, CTS-105Ash Wing, JB-101Jazz Brown
Gray, Green

Models's Demonstration :
CTS-104 Honey Wing by Tsubasa Masuwaka (Popteen model)
CTS-105 Ash Wing by Tsubasa Masuwaka (Popteen model)

Seeshell Cosmetics Lens
Base curve radius: 8.60mmCentre Thickness: 0.03mm (Thinner than G&G!)
Diameter: 14.00mm
water content: 38%

Seeshell Gray by Leah Dizon
Seeshell Green by Leah DizonSeeshell Green by Misaki Izuoka

False Eyelashes ♥

Hey peeps today let's talk about False Eyelashes.
Weeeee... I'm so into this lil thinggy recently. ヘ(*♥ε♥ *ヘ)アヒャ
I think False Eyelashes is one of the best inventions for girls isn't it?
It's fun to go for glamour with false eyelashes, yayyy!
Actually I'm thinking to buy some branded false eyelashes like M.A.C or Shuuemura.
Since I'm still a student, so it's quite burden for me as well. *big sigh*
I wanted to try ARDELL, PERFECT or M.A.C ones, their falsies design seems not bad.
Saw quite a number of Popteen models using M.A.C false eyelashes, so yea! Imma getchu soon!

Well currently I'm using the 10 bucks for 10 pairs lashes. LOL
Cheap ones doesn't mean low quality. It's affordable for everyone or beginner like me! *teehee*

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink Panther II ♥

Hey guys, guess who is it huh..? (3 seconds to go..)

yea, that's right! It's PINK PANTHER, brilliant~

Well, I just got back home from cinema.
and I've just watched a comedy movie - Pink Panther II.
Tell you what, you guys should really/must watch this! I bet you guys certainly will love it.
This movie was absolutely great that makes me laugh till my teeth almost drop. LOL
and I started to admire Steve Martin as Jacques Clouseau.
he's the best comedian that I've ever seen before, yayyy! I falling in love with him now 

Wow! another person that drives me crazy was...

Aishwarya Rai!

OMG she's so sexy, charm, attractive enough! I love her blue-eyes, she has a nice figure just like a barbie doll.
She was originally from Bollywood. But now she had reportedly all set to star in Hollywood project.

Gonna Broke Soon...

I'm gonna broke up soon, hmm... (ノ_≦。)
Online-shopping is just like a money-killer that kills my wallet.
ヽ(○´3`)ノ I should control myself not to spend too much, MUST!!!

By the way, I wanna watch (o・ω・)ノ - Confessions of a Shopaholic.
This movie sounds so interesting to me, must watch it! (○゜ε゜○)ノ
Learn how to be a 100% shopaholic!? LOL

Ma Life♥

Ma life and breath started since I was born,
I used to live at an earthly tent that located in a star which named Earth.
For all that, I believe that I will own a new home in heaven cuz I believe in Him.
With an eternal body made for me by God himself and not by human hands.
Life, earthly day-life that makes me groans and sighs,
but its not that I want to die and have no body at all.
Well, I'm always confident and optimistic, even through I know that as long as I live in this body I'm not at home with the Lord.
That's why I live by Believing and NOT by Seeing.

Hey bastard, if you're still using your assdumb to see things,
definitely you're foolish enough.
If you're still act like an ego, never apologize and think whatever you think is right,
Well, honestly it seems that you're really overbearing!
Just stop your inexpensive manner trying to control other people!
And if you're still spreading malicious remarks about me to people,
Okay fine, then you just wait and see, someone will curse you back. I believe in karma.
Seriously I'm not kidding and joking with you, stay and watch out! You'll deserve it!
You know you're the one I'm talking about isn't it?
From now on, I'm not the one who I was. I'm changed.
Cuz the life is gone then a new life has begun!
So everyday will be a new life, chill out :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Birth ♥

"Ding Dong~ Ding Dong"
Hey guys, good news announcing here :)
My cat, Momo has just given birth to three kittens.
Thank you, Momo, you're so great!! Chu~
Say welcome to these babies, we're big family now. yayyy!
they are amazingly adorable, tiny with mixed colour short-furs.
We're still thinking what to name them but I don't even know their gender yet. LOL

More photos will be uploading soon, stay tuned! :)

Ma Fringe ♥

Hey guys, it's time to blogging now ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)アヒャ
Oh yea, just cut my bangs yesterday. wtf I looks superb fugly now ;*(
stupid hairstylist, eff you! You just don't understand what I want!!
*sigh* Just forget about it! The hair will still grow right? Chill out :)

As my previous post mentioned, I've bought GATSBY hair colour permanent. Well, I'm going to dye my hair into Classic Mocha soon. Hope the outcome will be looking nice! Anticipating?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

★ Shopping Day + Driving License Talk

Hey guys, actually this post was supposed to be posted up yesterday 24/02. Sorry for the late update cuz yesterday I was so damn tired to thumb type! LOL Oh yea yesterday went out for shopping with my bestie. So now let's talk about my shopping haul. I enjoyed and pampered myself with a lot of stuffs, girls must know how to love themselves yayyy! Certainly feel so so so satisfied. It's been ages I've never enjoyed myself like a shopaholic :D Well, actually I only bought a few stuffs, didn't really spent much! :)

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Skinz hand n' body lotion, GATSBY hair colour permanent, SANA JUJU AQUAMOIST MOISTURIZING WHITENING LOTION(toner), MAYBELLINE Angelfit foundation, 3M Blenderm and last Kanebo KATE eyebrow powder.

That's all I've bought. *teehee* I still considering whether to buy JUJU's moisturizer & serum. Fyi, JUJU is a Japanese brand skin care products, so of course the price will be a lil expensive. A small size of 150ml moisturizer already cost me about 60bucks. Anyway, I don't regret what I've bought, cuz I tell myself "Hey, it's for your own good, own beauty, so worth it!" LOL and you know what, JUJU AQUAMOiST is top sales product in Japan!! Wow, then it must be something good huh? Can't wait to try it out!! :) Japan's is always the best, of course Korea's as well! Yayyy, Banzai!

Well, had my lunch & dinner with superb yummy
Japanese & Taiwanese food.
LUNCH : Japanese Beef Rice with green-tea & miso soup, $10.80.Close-up : hmmm~ it tastes sooooo yummy!!!
DINNER : Shilin Happy Rice Box, $10.
Close-up : Spicy chicken with tofu, absolutely delicacy!!!Awwwww... yummmy!!! *mouth-watering*
By the way, I went to a driving license talk today. I was awakened by my dad in the early morning, 9am. Darn, I wanna sleep more!! Just simply dress up myself with casual clothing and without make-up. Seriously, I look so dumpy fugly like an otaku girl ;*( So today's driving talk was really boring and probably because I was alone wtf!!! The whole talk tooks about 5hrs, from 12.30pm till 5.10pm. Damn exhausted! While on the way home it tooks me 2hrs to reach home -.- cuz the uncle have to send other people go home first before me. Fyi, my home area was the last station wtf. The whole day was so sucks by dumping weather, traffic jam, etc. Finally I reached home @ 7.45pm.

Gossssh~ I'm going to prepare and do revision for exam now. *tension~ing* Whatever! Just ask wisdom from God to let me pass all the exam papers, that's enough for me.
1. my pc repair fees cost 590bucks, wtf my mom is going to kill me, damn it!!!

2. my toe
(right big toe) is so fucking pain that makes me groan like a wolf. Eff the lil sharp-nail :(

Monday, February 23, 2009

★ Don't ask, just understand!

Hello please don't keep asking me to text you back!!!
I got no thumb strength and right time, right mood to text back unless it's urgent okay.
Hmm, if you don't like it then I'm so sorry... cuz this is what I am :B

★ Where to go?

Recently I found out that many people shifting blog to blog, from wretch to blogspot, xanga to blogspot, etc. Yea I'm one of them(from wretch to here due to some reasons)  :D LOL
(come on, thumbs up for blogspot *teehee*)

Fyi(for your information), I was a wretch user, actually wretch is quite good. The only bad thing is the loading speed & space limitation(comment box, album). And it's quite troublesome for those who're not living in Taiwan. Cuz you have to pay for upgrading your blog so you can enjoy more privileges for comment box & photo albums storage BUT payment can be only made in Taiwan wtf unless you got friend in Taiwan to help you.

Actually I was a GOLD USER on wretch. I was so lucky that time cuz I managed to find someone who is actually so kind to help me for the upgrade procedures although it took quite a long time to make the whole thing settled.

It cost me about 100bucks, yes considered expensive cuz the privilege period for freaking one year only wtf.

With 100bucks. I can spend a lot on shopping (buying new clothes, cosmetics and other stuffs) already.

So I decided to not to continue blogging on wretch anymore as it's going to expire soon on this coming Nov 2009 (if I'm not wrong)

Therefore, Blogspot is the best platform for blogging I think! :)

★ Missing U

Hey guys, my lovely PC has been sent to workshop this early morning.
I think there's some components breakdown that cause it frequently auto-shutdown that really pissed me off!
cuz a message always pop-up :
"The CPU was previously shutdown due to a thermal event(overheating).
Press the Enter key to continue."
Darn! I only use less than half-an-hour. What's wrong with it?
I miss my pc so much!!! ;*(
Can't wait to muaaahh(get) it back... LOL

By the way, I'm now using the old pc to do blogging. Thank God I still got a back-up :D
Else I would die without a pc. LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

★ Eff Calories

Hey guys! I'm having triple-tyres barrier now, darn!

Imma work hard to get it lost from ma body ASAP!


Can't wait to wear on pretty clothes :)
Hmm, wish my dreams come true! Fats, I'm begging you please get away from me okay?
Go live with the
shits, they suits you more than I do :D
I would rather die if I live with the fats, seriously!!! *