Monday, December 1, 2008

★ I'm Officially Graduated

YEYYY! I'm officially graduated now! Weeeee, I'm free, totally free, no longer high-school student! Hmm... what am I going to do after this? I asked my mom to let me have driving test first before starting a part-time job, but she seems like no respond? *sighs* Planning to watch Madagascar or Bolt on this coming Wed with besties and she is still planning for the graduation party on 6th Dec meanwhile the classmates are planning to have a graduation trip to Genting? Yea, hope everything goes well and smoothly! :)

★ December

Today is already 01/12. The time passes very quickly, we should really appreciate every moment; minutes, hours, days, even a second in our daily life. As time passes people get older. I can feel that my body is getting older and feeble. Oh gosssh, I don't wanna be an old maid!! As soon after today I'm gonna leave high-school's life and then officially graduated. This will be the last day for me to wear the fugly sucks school uniform that I used to hate a lot and also the last day to sit exam @ school. Can't really imagine that this is the last paper for today and everything is gonna end up. Good-bye my high-school's life! So what's the next and what am I gonna do after this? Seriously I don't even know what to do now, still thinking and planning about it. Oh my dearly God, please leads & guides me to the right way... Oh Lord, now I just want to find some part-time/full-time job to kill school holidays or maybe have driving test first?

I wanna make some big changes on myself! I hope I can really make it. I need a steady perseverance. Come on, standing out! Chill :)

December, obviously it's the Christmas month!!
Everywhere, shopping complex, streets or whatever are decorated with those Xmas stuffs... fulled of Xmas's atmosphere. Aww, I'm so in love with Xmas month! Ooooh, Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa can you hear me?

I wanna make a wish, plez... make my dreams come true!

jingle bell jingle bell