Thursday, November 27, 2008

★ Thankshallowistmas

Weee... I'm new on blogspot!

Hello, just signed up on blogspot today and this is my first post, I'm so excited to start blogging now :) Previously I used to blog on MySpace(sometimes) or wretch. Recently saw lotsa people shifted to blogger, I wonder why. I heard some people said that xanga is not as good as blogspot? Well, I'm still a bit unfamiliar with blogspot, I guess I need some time to adapt. *wink*

Oh yea, finally... I just left one more paper to go on next Monday, hooorey!! I'm gonna do some plans for school holiday... looking for part-time job, driving license test, clubbing perhaps? Oppss, I'm still a club virgin! LOL whatever! I'm a good girl. hahahaha...
Yea, I'm going to leave high-school's life soon, real soon, bye! :D

is getting sooner, Ohhh I'm getting so excited like nobody's business!! LOL

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